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No Monday Blues

When SA2 are over for the Big Brother... it means time to go out to play!

We headed out to the Zoo as it also happened to be the last day of our Friends of Wiildlife Annual Pass!

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Toddler Learning Colours + Free Printables

This post was actually in draft mode for so long, collecting "dusts" in my draft folder! 😂
When Big Brother just entered Primary One last year, I finally had LOTS of time with the then 2+ years old Little Brother! One day while i was folding clothes and the 2+ years old little brother looked at me like he is sooooo bored, so i passed him the dot-a-art markers and papers and realised that he is able to do doodling on his own quite independently!  
Unlike his elder brother who had learning difficulties, Little Brother's motor skills were impressively good! He didn't even needed any help from me and proceeded to unscrew the caps of the markers all my himself. It's interesting that he knew exactly what he wants to do too. He knew to use different colours and dot within the lines without me saying anything! It's really fun to observe the young ones sometimes! 

Looking at how focus he was, and how he was able to complete an activity all by himself with little dis…


This is how we kick off our weekend! 

9d8n Taiwan in Pictures (Day 2) Exploring Miaoli

Day 2 Itinerary: Exploring Miaoli Travel Period: 31 Jan to 8 Feb 2015
Group consists of: Hubby & I, my two boys aged 1+ and 5+, and my parents aged 60+

Day 2 Itinerary:
Check out Spentime Minsu--> 採草莓--> 明德水庫--> 獅頭山--> 薰衣草森林--> 勝興車站--> 龍騰斷橋-->Check into In One City Inn in Taichung--> Explore FengJia Night Market

P/S: As mentioned in my previous post, I planned the itinerary myself and book a car with Xiao Li our driver who drove us around.

As we woke up early in the morning freezing cold from the Taiwan winter, we took a hot spring soak right in the comfort of our own room, peeking through the wooden window vanes into the lake our room was facing. The hot spring here is too good! You should read more about the hotspring in my previous post!

After we were done soaking, we went down for our first breakfast in Taiwan! The minsu provided very hearty breakfast for the guests!

Meanwhlie, our driver Xiao Li were back waiting for us in the car park about an hour e…