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Exclusive Media Preview + Giveaway: My Little Climbing Room

Last weekend, we were invited to the exclusive media preview of My Little Climbing Room! It is the first and only indoor climbing playground where children can experience climbing in a safe and comfortable environment! We all know that climbing is not just an exhilarating experience, it can also builds up a child's confidence, agility, and problem solving skills.

The fact is... as I am writing this now, My Little Climbing Room is not yet open as of now!! Their grand opening is on this coming 30 Sep 2017, Saturday!! So if you are keen, do book early to be among the firsts to visit the playground!

You might be keen to know that during their Grand Opening Weekend (30 Sep & 1 Oct 2017), the admission pass is discounted from their usual rate of $22 to $15 per pass! On top of that, there will be Free Popcorn and Candy Floss for everyone plus a Speed competition for kids to win special prizes too!

Here's sharing our fun experience with you and what you can expect:
Upon arrival, we…

Review: POSB Smart Buddy Programme

When the news first broke out in August, that Primary School children can use the POSB Smart Buddy Watch to make cashless purchases in the school's canteen and bookshop, many parents (at least those around me) were very angry and upset about it. But the POSB Smart Buddy programme is not compulsory, it will not be taking over cash payments in primary schools, it's just offered as an alternative option that some parents can choose for their children. :)

As my son's Primary School is one of the schools in the pilot POSB Smart Buddy programme, last year I had already seen the systems installed in the canteen stalls and bookshop when I was doing Parent volunteering in the school! I noticed then that only the Primary Fours and the students on the Financial Assistance Scheme (they get to receive daily pocket money from the school) were the ones using it. There was also two points in the canteen where students can go to check on their balances!

While I personally feel that it'…