Training Independence and Helpful Family Member From Young

Hee, trust me when i said it's easier for me to do the housework myself than get my kids involved. Many times, it's more work for me than them being really helpful. :/

But as much as I prefer to do things myself, I am determined not to raise spoilt brats or self-entitled men who doesn't help out in the family - be it our family or their own family in future! 

My husband had the luxury of growing up with having a domestic helper at home, he didn't have to do anything but boy, I am glad army had taught him some things that allowed him to be able to help me out! I am lucky that he is one very hands on Daddy and even though I am the Stay Home Mum and he is the sole breadwinner for our family, he has helped me with many of the household chores too! 

So for our boys, I have been controlling the cleanliness freak within myself and getting my boys involved with some simple household chores. We as parents have to learn to let it go... so that we can raise independent and reliable future adults!  

Since my elder boy turned 3 plus, i have started getting him involved in simple cooking or baking. So I do the same for the younger boy too. :) 

The look on their faces are priceless! Though they are little but they feel proud of themselves whenever they did something on their own! 

You know how much energy the young ones have! So instead of them watching the TV or playing with ipads while i do the household chores, I have started passing them rags or my small wireless vacuum to help clean around the house. Nah.... it's really not clean. LOL. What can you expect from the tiny man right? But it's a good mindset and attitude. Plus everyone have to start somewhere~ 

See how much work the Little Brother can do!

And of course, it helps to drain their energy too! ;p

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