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BackPack Review with Discount Code: Gaston Luga Classic Backpack

Over the June school holidays, I had a no car day with my boys once a week and I brought them out via the public transport! I was anxious in the beginning - I am used to bringing a small bag and leave all the necessary like diapers, extra clothings, umbrella, raincoat etc in the car. We can always go back to the car to get them right? But when we had our no car days, gosh! I didn't know how I should pack and what I should bring! We had a total of 5 car free days in June and I used 5 different bags (bigger, smaller, backpack, sling bag, tote bag etc!) and over-bring and under-bring many items!! 
The experiences made me want to look for a new backpack! I am a mom of two active boys and we love going outdoors for fun and exploring! Backpack is the most convenient because I will be able to bring most of what we need, and I can still carry Little Brother easily whenever he needs. 
And so while I was browsing online for a new bag, I received an email from Gaston Luga, a Swedish backpac…

Training Independence and Helpful Family Member From Young

Hee, trust me when i said it's easier for me to do the housework myself than get my kids involved. Many times, it's more work for me than them being really helpful. :/
But as much as I prefer to do things myself, I am determined not to raise spoilt brats or self-entitled men who doesn't help out in the family - be it our family or their own family in future! 
My husband had the luxury of growing up with having a domestic helper at home, he didn't have to do anything but boy, I am glad army had taught him some things that allowed him to be able to help me out! I am lucky that he is one very hands on Daddy and even though I am the Stay Home Mum and he is the sole breadwinner for our family, he has helped me with many of the household chores too! 
So for our boys, I have been controlling the cleanliness freak within myself and getting my boys involved with some simple household chores. We as parents have to learn to let it go... so that we can raise independent and relia…