Preserving Memories with HD FotoJournal by Canon

How do you preserve your precious memories?

I am an avid photo taker - I love taking pictures with my mobile phone, cameras as well as video cam, so that i can capture as many memories as possible. I used to archive my photos and videos in folders and then copied them onto a DVD for storing. But over time, i noticed my DVDs got lost or damaged due to scratches! :( 

So I started buying external Harddisks to store these precious memories... but alas! You know how electronics devices works. They are sensitive and can be damaged easily due to infrequent use or rough use. To put it simply, they have their own short lifespan too.  

So having lost quite a good few years of my photos stored on external hard drives (too expensive for data recovery!!), I have now move on and upload every single photo I have on a annually paid cloud storage service. My photos taken on my mobile is auto uploaded every time my phone is connected to wifi. Photos taken on my wifi camera are downloaded on my mobile, which will auto upload to the cloud too! Thus, there is no more lost pictures, and i can save a lot of space on my mobile devices by clearing them frequently too! Well, just that occasionally I have to login to my cloud storage to view and delete those nonsense pictures that I really don't want to keep. ;p 

I choose cloud storage over social media accounts so that I can have privacy, as well as maintain the quality & file sizes of my images. :) 

Other than storing them online, I will also create photo books from time to time! Instead of developing individual photos, I prefer to create themed photo books that I can flip from time to time. it's more organised and easier to store. I have a library of photo books at home!

Today, I am going to share my experience creating HD FotoJournal (Layflat High Definition PhotoBook at superior print quality with revolutionary Canon Inkjet Technology) by Canon Singapore and FotoHub

There are quite a few size options available!

And you can create your stunning photo books from as low as S$35 per book!
(It can be even lower if you purchase a package!)

I created 2 sets of Softcover FotoJournals - a square 10”x 10” and a landscape 8” x 12”! Each photo book comes with 20 pages which we can create with multiple layouts and fonts of choice! 

To begin, we will need to download a software on our computer to create the photo album. Since I am using Mac, so I downloaded the standalone app that is not installed into applications but it works by itself inside a desktop folder. 

The standalone app for album creation

The startup of the app in the beginning was a little slow as it needs to check for updates and downloads, but thereafter it is fine. :) 

This time round, I took two days to select, download and compile my pictures from last years Taiwan Trip from my cloud storage! But creating the photo book was a breeze! I love how easy it is to use the templates and layouts to add photos into individual pages! I completed each photo book within 2 hours and they were ready to be uploaded for printing! 

There is a pre-print validation which will alert me of any errors prior to uploading!

I experience some hiccups during the uploading though. First time, I got through the whole uploading process, to come to the page to fill in my details. But as i click on view outlet address, the whole thing hanged and I had to restart the app and redo the uploading again. :( 

it hanged when I was uploading

On my second upload attempt, it's hanged at the uploading dialog page.... it's been at least 10 minutes at the last two files... so I had to exit and restart the upload process all over again. 

The good thing is that it went through very quickly and smoothly at the third attempt! :) 

My photo books were ready in a matter of days, and I was alerted via SMS for collection at my selected preferred outlet! 

my square 10"by10" and landscape 8"by12" photobooks in their protective plastic covers!

Although I ordered the softcover HD FotoJournals, but I was surprised when I flipped the books! The softcover is not really soft and flimsy at all! It is in fact quite thick and hard! 

The cover of the FotoJournal is also printed on a special texture paper that has this effect at some viewing angles!

The printing quality of inner pages are very good! It is a matte photo quality type of hard pages! 

My 8"by12" landscape HD FotoJournal is not perfect though. The cover of this particular photobook of mine has many flaws. I was a little sad to find some edges on the cover white, the corner of the cover of the book eared and on the front cover, there was a part that wasn't printed properly, resulting in white spots as seen in the below pictures. 

There isn't any problems with my square 10" by 10" photo book though! This book turns out perfect! So I should have check more thoroughly when I collect my photo books! 

This is my square 10" by 10" photobook for our Taiwan Trip in 2015!

The printout is very high quality, even if it's a picture spread across two pages!

I super super heart and appreciate a Layflat High Definition Photo Book now! It's excellent especially for those stunning landscape pictures taken on holidays overseas! 


About HD Photobook 
HD Photobook is collaboration between Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. and print partner FotoHub Pte. Ltd. via FotoIdeas software compatible on Windows and Mac operating systems. Create timeless memories with the Layflat High Definition PhotoBook at superior print quality with revolutionary Canon Inkjet Technology. The pages are printed on High Definition Canon luster paper with Panaromic Flat Spread binding. 

FotoHub Pte. Ltd., the print partner will require 5 working days to process your order upon successful transmission of your photos online via FotoIdeas software that is very easy to download. Collection options are available in the final step before you send your HD Photobook to print. You will receive email and SMS notification from FotoHub Pte. Ltd., once your HD Photobook is ready.

Disclaimer: We were invited by Canon Singapore to try their HD FotoJournal Softcover for review purposes. We were gifted two photo books for review and to share our experiences. The photo books are created by me with my own photos. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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