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Preserving Memories with HD FotoJournal by Canon

How do you preserve your precious memories?

I am an avid photo taker - I love taking pictures with my mobile phone, cameras as well as video cam, so that i can capture as many memories as possible. I used to archive my photos and videos in folders and then copied them onto a DVD for storing. But over time, i noticed my DVDs got lost or damaged due to scratches! :( 

So I started buying external Harddisks to store these precious memories... but alas! You know how electronics devices works. They are sensitive and can be damaged easily due to infrequent use or rough use. To put it simply, they have their own short lifespan too.  

So having lost quite a good few years of my photos stored on external hard drives (too expensive for data recovery!!), I have now move on and upload every single photo I have on a annually paid cloud storage service. My photos taken on my mobile is auto uploaded every time my phone is connected to wifi. Photos taken on my wifi camera are downloaded on my mobile, whi…