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Back to School!!

In a blink of an eye, half of the school holiday is over and it's just another two more weeks to back to school!! For us, Big Brother is gonna be in Primary Two, and Little Brother is going to school (N2) for the first time too! 

I have already bought their new school bags, school shoes, socks, water bottles, books and stationery! Last weekend, I have also wrapped all of Big Brother's books for the new year, and my favorite part of all is to get all the boys' belongings labelled

This is the most important step regardless of whether the child is in preschool or primary school! And when i said ALL BELONGINGS, I really meant EVERYTHING - down to every single pencils, colouring mediums and every single thing inside the pencil case and school bag! 

I am dead serious about labelling everything very prominently. Even with items labelled, Big Brother's friends have been "borrowing" his items and not returning them immediately. Especially for the commonly used Green Co…