Miki Has Left

[25 December 2000 - September 30 2016]

Received a text on Wednesday morning on 30 Sept that Miki has passed away.

I had adopted Miki, a silky terrier, when he was 2+ years old.

I couldn't remember when I brought him home, except for the year 2003, until my mum reminded me. It was my 21st birthday and I brought him home one night, a few days past my birthday. It's quite funny now I think about it, I wasn't exactly a dog lover. And I didn't wish to have a dog when i was young too. But other than fate, I don't know which is a better reason to explain why I simply badly wanted to adopt Miki.

His previous owner had two silky terriers (a male and female), and together, Miki and Miko became parents twice too. It's fate that made me choose to adopt Miki and Miko was given to a pet shop. My father doesn't even allow me to bring home one dog, so I didn't even think of adopting two at the same time.

Prior to bringing Miki home, i was diligently printing pictures of a silky terrier off the internet and wrote letters to my father about why it will be great and wonderful to adopt Miki. I even told him this will be the best 21st birthday present I can have. I must be quite insanely bend on bringing Miki home that time. I remembered waking up in the mornings and seeing the letters & pictures torn and thrown into the bin. -_-"" haha.

But i still wilfully brought him home one night. I didn't expect him to be so smelly and i was frantically asking around my friends if i can get some dog shampoo from them, so that I can wash away his smell. Then i was sleeping in the living room with him and waiting for my dad to come home from his midnight taxi shift. I was so afraid that he might throw me and the dog out but was surprised my dad gave me one killer stare and then told me to return to my room to sleep! :D

That's the beginning of our journey with Miki and how he became a part of our family.. Thank you Miki. Thank you for the past 13+ years with us, thank you for being a healthy and fuss free dog.

Our fate together has ended today, but I know we will meet again someday. I can only shed happy tears, knowing that you are peacefully gone. And that everyone of us went to send you off, including my father.

Sister and I were googling for pet cremation services but there were not much reviews available. Basically we only read some bad reviews online with almost every single provided. I guess people only write when they want to complain, and we always keep quiet when we received expected good service? Sister and I were saddened and lost.

Eventually we went for Tenguko Pet Cremation Service because

  1. They only provide single and private pet cremation service.
    We really like the fact that they only provide single & private pet cremation service. There are no other options available like mass cremation. This goes to show that they have the same philosophy as us, to treat our pet like our own family member and with respect even after his passing.
  2. They offer sea scattering service
    While I am not sure if other providers can offer sea scattering of the pet's ashes. This is the only provider that stated they can help us to do it at no extra charges. Sea scattering is scheduled once or twice a month and we can choose to tag along the boat ride with them (at an additional cost of S$30/pax) to do the scattering ourselves.
    Do note that Singapore has laws in place for sea scattering, one cannot do it anywhere we like, but only in the designated sea areas by the NEA

While they offer pick up service, we chose to bring Miki to the cremation centre ourselves. I was very impressed when I got there.  It was not what we expected, having read about this complain online. We were lead to a wooden hut with private room. A man took Miki away from us while we wait in a waiting area. Then, he opened the door and lead us into the private room.

By then, Miki was already lying down peacefully with white roses surrounding him. We were left in the room with Miki for some private moments. We scattered and surround Miki with more flowers that we bought ourselves prior to bringing him to the cremation centre. An assistant came in to chat with us, and she asked our religion for she can help us to turn on some music for playing in the background. We opted for Buddhist mantra to send Miki off to the better place.

After 30 minutes or so, the assistant came in again. This time, we are ready to send Miki off. A blind in the room was rolled up to reveal the cremation chamber, we stood around and a man pushed the big metal bed that Miki was on into the cremation chamber. The female assistant explained to us that the door will open the other side and miki will be further push over to the other side for cremation. Then the blind was rolled down and we left this room to go back to the waiting area.

The assistant explained to us that total time needed is 1.5 hours. 1 hour for cremation and 30 minutes for cooling. She also explained that this is a new cremation technology from japan, using gas instead of kerosene, so it will burn better and faster. We then settle the administrative and payment. As we opt for sea scattering, so she also told us when was the next sea scattering date.

I then left, as I need to fetch Big Brother from school and Sister sent me the photo of miki remains. It was put in a cloth bag so that it will be easier for sea scattering when the time come. And my sister went for the sea scattering service to personally send Miki away to the greater horizon. I am glad we were able to send Miki off dignifiedly for he is a family to us.

When i had adopted Miki, it never crossed my mind about his death. I am very thankful for the 13+ years he was with us, he would have turned 16 years old this December! Miki had provided me and my sister much company and love.

Till then, we will meet again!


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