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Miki Has Left

[25 December 2000 - September 30 2016]

Received a text on Wednesday morning on 30 Sept that Miki has passed away.

I had adopted Miki, a silky terrier, when he was 2+ years old.

I couldn't remember when I brought him home, except for the year 2003, until my mum reminded me. It was my 21st birthday and I brought him home one night, a few days past my birthday. It's quite funny now I think about it, I wasn't exactly a dog lover. And I didn't wish to have a dog when i was young too. But other than fate, I don't know which is a better reason to explain why I simply badly wanted to adopt Miki.

His previous owner had two silky terriers (a male and female), and together, Miki and Miko became parents twice too. It's fate that made me choose to adopt Miki and Miko was given to a pet shop. My father doesn't even allow me to bring home one dog, so I didn't even think of adopting two at the same time.

Prior to bringing Miki home, i was diligently printing pictures o…

Easy Homecook Recipe: Rice Cooker Pasta

When Hubby started travelling for work again, I was in a depressive state. If you ever tried solo-parenting before, you will know it's so dreaded! There is simply no rest! 
The most difficult thing is to cook! It's too elaborative to cook full meals (3 dishes and 1 soup) for 1 adult, 1 child and 1 toddler right? We are all small eaters some more! And it's so not justifiable to do the washing up!! 
So i started exploring cooking using the rice cooker, and wondered WHY I didn't look into this sooner! The rice cooker is a godsend invention that all Mamas must learn to exploit and use it to our advantage!
Here's sharing an Easy Peasy Rice Cooker Pasta Recipe, that you simply pour everything in, press the button and tadah~ A yummy meal is can be served within 30 minutes! My sons, they didn't know how easy it was to cook this and they always thought that their mummy is a great cook! They said unanimously that this is the best thing eaten! ;p

Ingredients Required 1 Cup…

Review: Recording Memories with Ashley Low's Outdoor Photography

Back when we only have one child, we used to take family photo shoots very often, like 3 to 4 times a year? This is because we realised the little one grew so fast! Even though we took a photo shoot every few months, but the photos from each photo shoot revealed how rapidly the boy was growing, his milestones and how our family was evolving! And I love looking through those photos, every pictures reminds me of a moment or stories of Big Brother's younger days! 

This tradition of ours stopped when Little Brother arrived though. I am guilty to say that since Little Brother was born, we only have two family photo shoots taken and we really don't have many full family portraits. You know how it is like when you have two active boys. :/

We only managed one studio photo shoot when Little Brother was 7 months old and another outdoor photo shoot when Little Brother was 2 years old. And that's when Hubby threw in the white flag and told me he doesn't want anymore photo shoots.…

The Things Little Brother Says

It's been awhile since i last recorded down conversations with my little ones!
This, i had to jot it down, as i didn't expect 3.5 years old Little Brother to reply me like this.
One night, I was cuddling Little Brother in the living room and
Me: DD!!! I love you!!!
Dd: (looks at me ernestly) then do you love me when I am Notti?
Me: (stunned for a moment) ..... what do you think?
Dd: you love me when I am Notti right?
Haha!! Kids! They always say the least expected things! 
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Easy Homecook Recipe: Clams in Homemade Broth

I love clams, my hubby love clams! Too bad my children do not dare to try clams at all... but there's no reason why I cannot cook it myself to enjoy at home! One thing about having clams outside is, I feel they are usually very overcharged, especially given that they are so easy to prepare! I bet once you started cooking clams yourself, you will not want to pay for it outside ever again! ;p

So the other day I shared on social media the clams that I prepared for dinner and when Angeline asked me for the recipe, i was a little stumped, haha! Because I am really just an amateur lazy cook who only attempt simple dishes (simple as in, minimal cleaning up to do!) Then i think it will be good to share my so simple recipe with others who may be interested to whip up nice to eat dishes in a short time frame, as well as with minimal cleaning up too! (I hate cleaning up oily kitchen!)

So here I go, sharing this super simple clams in homemade broth (which you can just add in cooked pasta to t…