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Big Brother's First Paid Hair Cut!

Sorry for the non update! I was taking a break from blogging, initially it was suppose to be a month's break, but a break is a break so shiok, i missed the momentum to sit still and complete my numerous drafts that i started! I still have so many things I wanted to share about but hahaha, i will complete the posts one day! 
Sharing one of my happiest moments as a Mother! Big Brother finally had his first paid haircut after so many years! It may mean nothing to others, but sometimes you may not know what are the things that we have been taking granted for life and how blessed we are! 
Since the first time i brought Big Brother to a barber when he was around one years old, we realised that he was crying hysterically throughout. We later realised that he had a very big phobia of hair cuts! We had tried to bring him to many different hair salons or barbers but the trips always ended up with the shop owners asking us to leave without cutting his hair. 
And so, I have self trained to b…