Keeping my baby's first tooth

Earlier this year, in March, Big Brother had his school dental appointment and all was well. Just barely a month later, one day while i was chatting with Big Brother, i noticed something extra in his mouth so i asked him to open his mouth wide for me to see.

Was stunned to find two new teeth growing right behind his lower front baby teeth! My friend told me that this is called shark teeth. Haha. The adult tooth is growing before the baby tooth falls off! 

Big Brother was very very anxious when the lower front baby teeth began to shake. God knows how much he fussed over more than two weeks because of the loose teeth! :S I had borrowed MANY books from the library about losing baby teeth and read with him. Still, he is scared silly and doesn't want his baby tooth to be loose at all. The anxiety he felt about the old and new teeth was very real and yet nothing I did can console him except by distracting him.

So, in preparation for his first tooth to fall, i went online to order and search for something that can keep his baby tooth. I found this very very lovely baby tooth box on Qoo10, and the price is also very very friendly at less than S$20 including delivery to my home! I showed it to him and tell him that we will be keeping all his baby teeth into the box and label the dates he lose them etc. 

One fine day in school, Big Brother finally dropped his first tooth and he remembered to keep it properly in the pencil case and brought it back home.  Before that, he didn't forgot to show off to his friends and teachers! *bleah*

I love this wooden tooth box to bits! Don't you just love it?
Another week later, he shed the other loose tooth in the morning before we left home for school, and we get to add one more tooth to his tooth box! 

I realised that keeping the fallen teeth in a tooth box like this, helped him forgot about the anxiety of loosing the tooth and instead it became so fun and hands on - the washing of the tooth, identifying which tooth he lost, labeling the date etc. Actually, it's very fun and exciting for mummy too! 

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