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Event + Giveaway: Drive in Movie and Bouncy Castle at White Sands Mall

What do you say to kick off the June school holidays by bringing your loved ones for a movie under the stars experience? On 28 May 2016, White Sand is hosting an outdoor movie screening of Fantastic 4, with its newly refreshed new look and shopping space!

It's been a while since I last went to the mall as there are so much more newer malls sprouting up all over the Singapore Island! If you do not stay around Pasir Ris, you might not have know that the mall has been undergoing renovation and is completing all its upgrading works by Mid 2016!

It's a whole brand new spacious experience shopping at White Sands now!

For the June holidays, White Sands has quite a few programme round up for the little ones and young students! While you are there, remember to check out the newly revamped two-level Pasir Ris Public Library which is the first library managed by teens for teens! 

Programmes to Look Out For

Cuddle up with your loved ones and catch a show together under the stars with the…

FairPrice Walks With U 2016!

Last year, we were looking forward to attend the FairPrice Walks with U 2015 which was supposed to be in Mar 2015, but it was cancelled as a Mark of Respect for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Last Sunday, we were so thrilled to participate in the FairPrice Walks with U 2016!

If you have not heard about it, FairPrice Walks with U is an annual non-competitive mass walk brought to us by NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd. It aims to brings together families and members of the community from all walks of life and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle! At the same time, NTUC is taking the lead to show how we can give back to others, FairPrice Foundation pledged a $150 FairPrice voucher for every registered participant of this walk. This year, S$1.2 million worth of vouchers will go towards the FairPrice Food Voucher Scheme, which provides vouchers for needy families to purchase daily essentials through grassroots organisations of all 87 constituencies in Singapore!

From my understanding, the FairPrice Walk i…

{Product Review + Discount Code} Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow

I am not sure if I am the only person with this problem or if there are many others like me. 
Since my teenage years, especially when I doing in my Tertiary education, I started having trouble falling asleep because I wasn't able to find the most comfortable position for my head! It's either too high and ended up too low, and the next day i would mostly end up with a stiff neck and migraines. 
I start to develop problems with sleeping well, mainly due to having trouble falling asleep and the constant flipping throughout the night as I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in. As a result, I started developing neck and back issues from a young age. 
You know, during my parents time, they know nothing about different pillows - we just buy whichever that is cheaper and we should use it for a lifetime! 
So now (after so many years!), unless I am mindful, else I would be naturally sloughing  (the ugly hunched back) and worst... the back of my shoulders are permanently ti…