Singapore Science Centre: "Seeing Heat!" Show

I am not sure if you are aware, but since 1 April 2015 last year, the Singapore Science Centre has revised their admission fees to give back to the community and to bring the world of creative and experiential learning closer to Singaporeans! If you are a Singaporean or PR, you can enjoy free admission to the Singapore Science Centre during off-peak periods (i.e., weekdays on non-school holidays)! For more information on admission, you may go to

So, we had been going to Science Centre very often after school, at Big Brother's request! 

Today I will share a show that they have, which many people do not seem to be aware of yet! We have watched it twice, and Big and Little Brother love it so much!

"Seeing Heat!" Show

What is it about?
Heat is usually invisible to our eyes, we can feel it but we cannot see it! Audiences to this show get to observe hot stuff through the eyes of a thermal camera

Where is the show?
Catch the show at the Defending Science Room located in Hall A, Level 2 @ Defending Science Exhibition

When is the show? 
At 11am (Tuesday to Sunday including Public Holidays) and
at 4pm (Tuesday to Friday)

How long is the show? 
15 minutes

WARNING!! Spoilers ahead! 

Not wanting to spoil too much of the show (haha), I will just share two highlights of the show with you! ;p You should really bring your children there to have some fun as it's not everyday or anywhere you get to play with the thermal camera (facilitated by the facilitator)!

On our second visit to this show, Big Brother excitedly volunteered for this part of the show!
He was told to hide behind the screen and while we can't see him with our naked eyes, the facilitator found him using the thermal camera! Can you guess how this is use in Defence to find the enemies? 

Yet it's interesting to note that he had disappeared from the thermal camera when he moved behind to the acrylic screen!

Showing how heat can be transferred and past through the acrylic screen when Big Brother's hands touched the screen

At the end of the show, the other highlight is that we can have our photos taken using the thermal camera. It's is the only place in the world (else in Singapore) that you can do this!! Do not, I repeat, Do Not try this while at the airport or immigrations!

Big Brother wanting us to take pictures of him in different poses. ; /

We had a family portrait in thermal photo too! 

We had a lot of fun and cosy interactions with the facilitators! There was a lot more we learnt about interpreting the thermal camera and its uses as well as other ways we can see heat. I will highly recommend this show to your family, even our 2+ years old Lil Brother enjoys it! 

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