Homelearning: Human Anatomy with Free Printable

I wanted to share this fun thing that we did at home last year, when i was homeschooling Big Brother. But the miscarriage got the better of me and then we were busy preparing for Big Brother's entry into Primary one and settling down in school, so the photos was collecting cyber dusts in my draft folder!

Big Brother loves science, and he learns very fast as a visual learner. So when i came across this excellent free printable of a Life Size Human Anatomy Activity by Erica, of course i printed it out and had fun with my boys! Strongly encourage you to try this activity too! 

The print-outs which I laminated so that they can last longer

I printed them out in color on normal A4 papers, then I laminated them so that they can last longer. The most challenging part is creating the printable, is cutting them because of the odd shapes! I have to wait till the children are asleep to do the cutting else they get so excited!

The human bones

The human organs

It really depends on how much time you have and how deep you can go with your children. If you do not have much time, the activity is pretty fun on it's own to piece together to know the positions of bones & organs. 

If you have unlimited time, this can be used for very long! It can be taught over weeks in depth on what each organs are for, the other things that made up our human body and I even throw in Food science to supporting a healthy body too! 

We started off by piecing the human body structures together to find out how each of us stand tall and the boy is amazed by how many bones we have in our body! I let my boy stick the bones together on our white board with blu-tack, as i also asked him to draw something too.  Well, if you do not have a whiteboard at home,  you can also stick it to the wall with blu-tack too! 

Big Brother was very focus and he wanted to get it right, Little Brother was very curious and wanted to help!

For course there are scientific names of each bones but I can't even pronounce them myself, so not wanting to be a bad teacher, i skipped the scientific names and use layman words like spine, rib cage and elbow etc. 

The fun part - we made the arms & legs movable so it was hilarious to see how the bones "swing"

It's interesting and amazing to the boy to know that inside our human body we have so many bones, and i briefly explained to him what the bones for each part are for and why we have them. We also took a look at our human body encyclopedia and learnt more from there! You can also take the opportunity like me, to teach your children about growing foods and why strong bones are important and what foods are good for bones!

Next I introduced to him the organs! 

We then lay the organs, where they are located, on top of the bones structure

For a start, I didn't know that the human brain consists of more than just a brain. So i had to read up abit to explain but the other small parts of the brain are for and why they are so important. I also explain to my child how amazing the brain is and how it makes us all think differently and unique! 

closed up of the human brain. 

For course, there are the major organs too. We drove a little more on each organ and i also gave examples of illnesses related to each organs. You can go to youtube to find some educational videos to supplement this learning too!

closed up of the major organs within our body

This also serves as a good pre or post activity, if you had or are planning to bring your kids to visit the Larger than Life Human Body Experience at Singapore Science Centre! It will make the learning really experiential! 

Hope you enjoy this activity with your children!

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