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Homelearning: Human Anatomy with Free Printable

I wanted to share this fun thing that we did at home last year, when i was homeschooling Big Brother. But the miscarriage got the better of me and then we were busy preparing for Big Brother's entry into Primary one and settling down in school, so the photos was collecting cyber dusts in my draft folder!
Big Brother loves science, and he learns very fast as a visual learner. So when i came across this excellent free printable of a Life Size Human Anatomy Activity by Erica, of course i printed it out and had fun with my boys! Strongly encourage you to try this activity too! 

I printed them out in color on normal A4 papers, then I laminated them so that they can last longer. The most challenging part is creating the printable, is cutting them because of the odd shapes! I have to wait till the children are asleep to do the cutting else they get so excited!

It really depends on how much time you have and how deep you can go with your children. If you do not have much time, the activi…

The Things He Said

One early morning, Big Brother woke up by himself before the alarm rang for school. 

Then he went into his playroom to play while i made the breakfast.

All of a sudden, he ran out super quickly and I was shocked and thought what had happened?

Then he said to me "I want to have a sister!"

I was like HUH?!!!

On few other occasions, he also told me again he wants to have a sister, and he has even thought of names for her already!

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