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Protect-a-Bed Mattress Protector

The Lunar New Year is over~ This year, I had been more busy given that my eldest has started on his Primary School Journey. I had so much I wanna share but no time to sit down to blog them down yet! Happy Monkey Year to all! 
Just in time before Chinese New Year Eve, we received an entire series of "Therm-A-Sleep" by "Protect-A-Bed" which include a Mattress Protector, Bolster Protector and Pillow Protectors, for review! 
As my children co-sleep with us on our King Sized Bed, I had learnt painfully a mattress protector is a MUST HAVE! In fact, we threw away the mattress that we bought when we got married and bought a new mattress for the new house. I also bought the old mattress protector from the Giant Hypermarket at an unbelievable price, but.... it was also really useless for me as it wasn't waterproof! 
Just two nights prior to receiving the new beddings protectors, my eldest had an accident wetting the bed in the middle of the night (Well, it happens once …