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{Review + Giveaway} Forget Me Not Backpack & Lunch Bag by Skip Hop

Earlier this month, we were invited to the Catalog Launch by Bloom & Grow and boy! I feel very grateful for Bloom & Grow for carrying and bringing in many good brands and so many wonderful Mothers, Babies and children products to Singapore!

One of the product that I think is really ingenious is this Forget Me Not™ Backpack & Lunch Bag!

How many times have I forgotten to pack or put in the lunch box for my elder boy! I either ended up in mad rush to send the forgotten lunch box to school or simply live with the guilt that "it's ok to miss snacks for a day!"

This clever backpack by Skip Hop has a window that shows the lunch bag inside its own dedicated you'll never leave home or school without it! How awesome is that! Haha.

With room for full A4 size folders - along with special pockets for artwork and notes - this cool-for-school backpack is a truly "unforgettable" choice.

7th Anniversary Outing

11th November was our 7th Wedding anniversary and is something we would have look forward to celebrate having our third child, if not for the miscarriage that happened just days before this. So, a dark cloud loomed over our family and we were in no mood to celebrate at all.

Saying "Happy Anniversary" felt so hypocritical! Nevertheless, I text Hubby "Happy Anniversary" and he replied with "Really happy meh?"

I was doing the mini "confinement" and the boys were driving me crazy. We didn't plan for anything but on a Saturday late evening, we very last minute asked my parents if they can help look after my children for about 3 hours and we headed out for a date ourselves.

We went to Zouk for some drinks (I badly needed it to drowned the evil sorrow that is eating me up) and chill out before it closes for good mid next year.

Being "Cinderella", we left Zouk rather early and went for a quiet supper (you know, a meal time with no kids scre…

Will you #Xthehaze too?

Since I was in Primary school, I remembered that Singapore will experienced days of haze every few years or so. The worst haze I experienced growing up was when I was in Secondary Three and sitting at our school stadiums looking across the field. The PSI reading was about 200+ then and I was sick that day - fever with sore throat.

Two years ago, Singapore experienced the worst haze ever, with PSI peaking at 400+. It was during the June school holiday and Little Brother was only 2+ months old then! Luckily for us then, the hazy period only lasted about three weeks or so (and we were complaining that it was so long!).
This year, everyone of us felt the impact of the prolonged haze! We were trapped at home for not days, but 2 months plus! Masks became a necessity and were out of stocks everywhere! Everyone took turns to fall sick at home due to the haze. We rejoiced where there is one clear day, but it creeps back to our small island again now and then! 
It's time we do not take our …

Where to Go This School Holidays: Pororo Park Singapore!

This school holiday, fret not be it rain or haze! There is a newly opened indoor attraction that our little ones will love! Located at the convenient and newly renovated Marina Square, the Pororo Park Singapore had officially opened last week on 11 November 2015, just in time for us to bring the little ones this school holidays! 
Pororo Park Singapore is an 11,000 square feet play and educational indoor playground themed after the award-winning top Korean animation 'Pororo the Little Penguin'. First opened five years ago in Seoul, Pororo Park integrates entertainment and educational elements in an indoor playground setting. With seven Pororo Parks in South Korea and three in China, Pororo Park Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia, and the largest character-themed indoor playground in Singapore!

An indoor playground with a difference, Pororo Park Singapore offers attractions that are designed to entertain, exercise and educate children while reinforcing good social skills …

The Things Little Brother Says

I washed and gave 2.5 years old Didi some red seedless grapes. He is a Big Fan of all grapes and berries!

I was amazed when he he went round the house asking:

Daddy! Daddy! Want some grapes?!

Mummy! Erm, want some grapes?

Kor Kor! You want some grapes?

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Apologies for being stagnant and inactive. I am finding it hard to move on and pick myself up from where I fell. 
The past few weeks had been tiring and not easy for me. My brain, it felt like it had been ransacked, everything is out of place and something important seems to be missing. 
The past few weeks i felt like i had fallen into a bottomless pit, that I haven't hit the bottom yet, so I find it very hard to bounce back. Things just keep happening one after another. 
It started off with me getting into a minor car accident, I brushed into a parked empty school bus, it was really minor, but our car was very new, the bus was also very new. It's enough to kill the mood for the whole week. It resulted in hubby being bewildered by me - how come I can drive into a stationary vehicle? And him taking half day leave so that he can pass me his driving licence for me to do reporting. That night, I couldn't sleep at all. I am not sure why, but I was worried sick about the minor …