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Letter to My Baby

Dear Baby,
I never had the chance to see you, cuddle you or breastfeed you like I do for your brothers. I did wonder if maybe you decided that you don't like us as family.. or maybe you love us too much that's why you choose to leave us?
In early sept 2015, when I only have a drop of blood on the day my menses is due, I was disturbed. I had heard that there may be spotting before menses is due and it's a sign of pregnancy, but I didn't thought I was pregnant because it was exactly when my menses is due. I was worried if it's a sign of other problems! Silly Mommy! After waiting for four days for the menses that never came, I went to buy a pregnancy test kit. And there is it! A smile broke on my face. 

You must know that not only Mommy is happy. Your daddy is very happy with the news too! Even Big Brother who always said he doesn't want anymore sibling when asked, is very happy when i shared with him that a baby is now growing in Mommy's stomach! He was so k…

Easy Homecook Recipe: Kau Kee Seafood Soup

I cooked this Kau Kee seafood soup recently and a friend asked me for the recipe.

Kau Kee, also known as wolfberry leaves, goji leaves or 九杞菜,  has been known to be eaten only with its leaves. This vegetable has sharp thorns on their stalks (be careful when handling!) like rose and the leaves are often used in soups or stir-fry, giving the soup or dish a unique refreshing taste. 
Our family are non pork eaters, so I did the seafood version of the soup instead. Preparation time takes about 10 minutes. Cooking can be done within 15 minutes if you take a shortcut to use ikan billis cube instead of fresh ikan billis from scratch! This soup is perfect for quick cooking or a cold day! 
Ingredients Required 1 litre of water bring to boil1 bowl of ikan bilis or half an ikan bilis cubeKau Kee leaves (take only the leaves)2 tablespoons wolfberries1 to 2 eggs (beaten)Seafood as desired (I used prawns, squid and fish balls)a pinch of salt
Method Bring water to boil in a potAdd in the ikan bilis, wol…