The Things He Said

In the midst of us rushing for our morning therapy appointment, I had realised with horror that I had forgotten to bring him backpack for the EIPIC class in the afternoon!

Me: OMG!! Mommy forgotten something important!

K: What? What?!

Me: We forgotten to bring your backpack for class later! But I do not have enough time to go home to get it now! Geez...... Let me think..... Is it ok Mommy bring you to buy a snack later, and then you just bring your water bottle and the snack in a plastic bag?

K: Hmm.... but...

Me: It's fine isn't it? We can buy a snack that you like! And you still have your water bottle! You only don't have a bag and your jacket today! But the bag and jacket is not really as important as food and water right?

K: You are right! But I will say sorry to teacher later!

Me: For what?

K: I must say sorry to teacher! "Dear Teacher, I am sorry I forgot to bring my bag and jacket today, but it's ok I still have my snack and water!"

Me: Hmm, actually you don't need to say sorry for theses my dear. We just have to remember to bring it next time!

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