Book Review + Giveaway : Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery - An adventure in Blends and Diagraphs

Previously, we won a copy of "An Alphabet Zoo" by Julia Gabriel Creations and did a review of it here.

My children are very blessed, for we then receive a copy of the "Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery" by Julia Gabriel Creations too, for review purposes!

Like the first book, this book is also authored by Ms. Julia Gabriel herself and is accompanied by visually engaging illustrations by renowned British children’s book author/illustrator Kathy Creamer, to stimulate children’s imagination and make learning through play a fun and enriching experience!

While "An Alphabet Zoo" was the first book launched to help children learn the alphabets, "Dinosaur Discovery" is the follow-up second book, to introduce blends and digraphs, sounds that are formed by putting two letters together.

It also comes with a Songbook and music CD

We all know that when helping the little ones to read, emphasis on sounds only (known as phonics) is not good enough, they also need to learn to blend the sounds as well as know the digraphs to be able to read successfully! To help them learn & love to read, we must talk, sing, and read to children and the keyword is fun! The more enthusiasm, joy and success connected with learning and early literacy, the greater the chances that children will grow into lifelong readers, writers and learners! You surely know nothing will puts one off reading more than being "taught", tested and proved wrong right?

And for myself who have never attended Phonics before, I find it difficult to teach my children (since I don't even know some sounds myself!) Let alone blending and digraphs! So the music CD is really a savior for it not only help me to learn the sounds myself, my children pick them up a lot quicker than me!

Vibrant pictures in the book, with hidden objects that the children can try to spot as many as they can!

List of hidden objects are shared right behind the book for children to spot

There is also a section that shares interesting bite-sized Dinosaurs information! 

a lyrics of one of the tracks with catchy tunes, it's really easy to pick up even for 2+ years old Little Brother

With the book, the cast of loveable cute dinosaur characters help my little boys get into the 'story' really fast! I can see how they enjoy playing with sounds in words. We also play along with the dinosaur characters, and I am surprise how quickly, easily and naturally my children learnt the sounds and use them! 


Sharing is loving! I have two sets of "Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery" to give away to two lucky readers on my blog! For a chance to win, simply follow all the steps below:

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More information

Book Name: Rainbow Bear’s Dinosaur Discovery An Adventure in Blends and Digraphs
Created by: Julia Gabriel
Illustrated by: Kathy Creamer
Price: The book + song CD costs $29.95 and is available at bookstores, educational stores and Julia Gabriel Centre.

Written by Julia Gabriel, the second book set in the series of reading adventures, introduces 24 dinosaur characters that help Rainbow Bear along the path to fluent reading. It is accompanied by a songbook and CD, and includes lots of fun facts, activities and tongue twisters for children, parents and teachers. For children 3 – 6 years old.

A learning adventure with Rainbow Bear Rainbow Bear was conceived over 25 years ago by Julia Gabriel (Founder and Director, Julia Gabriel Education) with the aim of laying the foundations for confident, articulate and expressive communication skills in the most engaging manner possible. Beautifully illustrated books, finger puppets and hand puppets, as well as music CDs and songbooks, comprise the current Rainbow Bear range. These colourful, stimulating and highly enjoyable literacy aids have been specifically designed to compliment any pre-school’s early childhood curriculum and learning strategies, as well as to create hours of fun at home for young children and their families.

Disclaimer: I was invited to do a review on a book that I won last year, and to conduct a giveaway for my readers. No other form of compensation is involved. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise indicated.

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