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Alphabet Books For The Little Ones + Free Printables

The other day I was busy with cutting and stapling little alphabet books for Little Brother, and some of you asked me where I printed them from. :)
I had been following The Measured Mom, who blogs to share many ideas and tools that we can use to teach our little ones. 
These awesome letter books were downloaded and printed from here, and I find them really good to use to introduce and teach the letters of the alphabet! Each book has six rhymes and/or songs for a particular letter of the alphabet! I intend to introduce one book a week to my 29 months old Little Brother, we will take our time to complete the 26 letters of the alphabet! 
Why The Measured Mom's free letter books are a great tool for your little one:
They’re just the right size for little hands – and if they get ripped or drawn on, you can just print another!I really love the fact that each book only required 1 paper, printed double sided! I got 26 letter books printed on only 26 pieces of thick 200gsm paper!I find thi…

It's All Animals, All The Time!

Being a stay home mum with no help, how do you think I cope with doing household chores, cooking and homeschooling my boys with no help?

In the beginning, I relied on sensory bins to keep them entertained, but I soon ran out of ideas (and time to create new bins), so it turned to the iPads but my children are weird! Even though I gave them an iPad each, they can still end up fighting for one! Things became a lot better since we subscribed to the StarHub Cable TV! We now have two TV times in our weekday schedule - once in the late morning as I prepared lunch and once in the late afternoon again when I am preparing dinner.

Well, some may argue that Television and gadgets are not good for the little ones. But I grew up watching TV and I turned out fine. There are many good television programmes out there, sometimes we just have to limit and choose the best way to keep the whole family sane! I can't possible be cutting vegetables and need to go into the playroom with the knife to break…

The Last Kampong In Mainland Singapore

For the month plus long hazy period that Singapore is 'trapped' in, yesterday was a surprisingly good day with no haze! It was really bright and clear, so our little family of four quickly headed out to a place that had been on my list of places to go for quite some time! 
We went to Kampong Lorong Buangkok, the last village of old atap (wooden) houses with zinc roofs in mainland Singapore. I remembered I trekked there with my mom when I was a little girl, so I had wanted to return bringing my children before it's gone forever. At least I can show my eldest what a Kampong is like. 
When I told my hubby about it, he was interested and even googled up to find out more. According to Remember Singapore, Lorong Buangkok was originally a swampy area. In 1956, a traditional Chinese medicine seller named Sng Teow Koon bought a piece of land at Lorong Buangkok and rented it to several Chinese and Malay families, which gradually formed a kampong over the years.
Today, the piece of …

The Things He Said

One day Big Brother asked me while I was driving,
"Mom, what's a skinny old woman?"
Me: Huh..... (Why always ask me this kinda questions!!)        (with a sigh I continued) You tell me, is a skinny old woman young? 
Him: No...
Me: Then fat? 
Him: No...
Me: Is it a man? 
Him: No.....
Me: There! A skinny old woman lo! I don't understand your question you know!
Him: Mummy! A skinny old woman is someone that is straight down (meaning no curves), with white hair and has a lot of wrinkles on the skin!
I was stunned for a while, I finally realised he was asking for a visual answer!!
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Experience More Together with Friso

I am sure many parents will agree with me, that bringing up a child is a really an expensive business! Other than necessities, there are also toys, enrichments and many more!

However, I have very good news that I must share that you will be very pleased to hear!! Friso really wants to encourage parents to have more special parent-child experiences by engaging in creative play with their little ones. As such, they are giving away a Friso Experiences Play Set worth $300 in their latest "Experience More Together" Campaign! 

From 1 September 2015 to 31 October 2015, parents who spend S$350 on any Friso participating products at participating retailers will be able to receive the Friso Experiences Play Set worth S$300! 
How wonderful is that?! Your children are taking Friso products and at the same time, you get to redeem this best gift ever for them too! It's not even a contest or lucky draw, it's a sure win redemption! Simply just spent S$350 on your kiddos (or mum-to-be…

Book Review + Giveaway : Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery - An adventure in Blends and Diagraphs

Previously, we won a copy of "An Alphabet Zoo" by Julia Gabriel Creations and did a review of it here.

My children are very blessed, for we then receive a copy of the "Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery" by Julia Gabriel Creations too, for review purposes!

Like the first book, this book is also authored by Ms. Julia Gabriel herself and is accompanied by visually engaging illustrations by renowned British children’s book author/illustrator Kathy Creamer, to stimulate children’s imagination and make learning through play a fun and enriching experience!

While "An Alphabet Zoo" was the first book launched to help children learn the alphabets, "Dinosaur Discovery" is the follow-up second book, to introduce blends and digraphs, sounds that are formed by putting two letters together.

We all know that when helping the little ones to read, emphasis on sounds only (known as phonics) is not good enough, they also need to learn to blend the sounds as we…

Review + Giveaway: Junior Young Scientist Magazines

While homeschooling 5+ years old Big Brother, I realised that he loves Science very much.

So I was looking for some good materials to use in our lessons at home. One day, when i was browsing at a Popular Bookstore, i came across this Junior Young Scientist readers! I had always thought Young Scientist is for Primary school all the way to Secondary school, however I am happy that they have a junior version for preschool children, aged 4 to 7 years old!

I bought the first pack of Junior Young Scientist (which costs SGD20 a pack) home to try out with Big Brother. And after we started, there is no turning back! We completed them very quickly and I managed to get the second and third pack for Big Brother too!

What is Junior Young Scientist?
Junior Young Scientist is a new and exciting educational magazine for young children who are seeking to understand the world around them. It is filled with facts, stories and games, which will stimulate their curiosity about the wonders of science and en…

The Things He Said

In the midst of us rushing for our morning therapy appointment, I had realised with horror that I had forgotten to bring him backpack for the EIPIC class in the afternoon!

Me: OMG!! Mommy forgotten something important!

K: What? What?!

Me: We forgotten to bring your backpack for class later! But I do not have enough time to go home to get it now! Geez...... Let me think..... Is it ok Mommy bring you to buy a snack later, and then you just bring your water bottle and the snack in a plastic bag?

K: Hmm.... but...

Me: It's fine isn't it? We can buy a snack that you like! And you still have your water bottle! You only don't have a bag and your jacket today! But the bag and jacket is not really as important as food and water right?

K: You are right! But I will say sorry to teacher later!

Me: For what?

K: I must say sorry to teacher! "Dear Teacher, I am sorry I forgot to bring my bag and jacket today, but it's ok I still have my snack and water!"

Me: Hmm, actually y…

Pink Ribbon Walk 2015

[Media Invite]

Before I was a mom, I think really little about my breasts as a woman. Only after I breastfeed my eldest for 18 months and the youngest for 29 months and counting now, that I began to feel how important my breasts and health are to me!

It really troubled me to learn that more than 25% of all cancers diagnosed in women are breast cancers, and between 2010 and 2014, about 1,856 women were diagnosed to have breast cancer in Singapore each year! (More information can be found here about the statistic.) Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease, yet do you know that it is curable if detected early!

Pink Ribbon Walk (PRW), organised by Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), returns this year on 3 October 2015! BCF hopes that by raising awareness of breast cancer and encouraging women to screen themselves regularly, breast cancer will be detected earlier and the chances of surviving the disease will be greatly enhanced! 
This walk aims to bring breast cancer fighters, survivors and…