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Today is the most special day of the year, for we celebrate Singapore's 50th Birthday! Happy National Day, Singapore!!!

Despite it being only 50 years, we have really came a long way, look how much has changed and how we stood out in the world! I am really proud to be a Singaporean and I hope I will still be around to celebrate Singapore's 100th Birthday!

Do you know that the ez-link card was chosen as one of the SG50 icons?
It embodies EZ-Link’s contribution to Singapore’s advancement towards
a cashless society and the vital role it plays in shaping the way millions of
residents travel, shop and dine around the island every day.

In celebration of Singapore’s 50 years of progress, EZ-Link launched the nationwide “My Journey, My Home” SG50 Card Design Art Competition in February 2015 to develop an exclusive set of commemorative collectibles fitting for this joyous occasion. The competition called for Singaporeans to depict what SG50 means to them and four winning designs were selected to be printed on top of EZ-Link cards for sale!

EZ-Link unveils winners of 'My Journey, My Home'
SG50 Card Design Art Competition on 3 Aug 2015

Four grand winners emerged for the ‘My Journey, My Home’ Art Competition and theses four beautiful artworks by Singapore’s young artists were honoured at an Awards Ceremony on 3rd August 2015. This four designs are also printed on 200,000 pieces of ez-link cards, and is already made available for sale progressively at all TransitLink Ticket Offices islandwide, while stocks last!

The four winners taking a group photo with EZ-Link cards printed of their designs.
Two of them were from Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS)

Part of the sale proceeds from these cards will be donated to the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) to help children with dyslexia. It means a lot to me, as my Big Boy is at risk and suspected of having Dyslexia. It really gave me relief when I found out that DAS is able to provide intervention to help my boy overcome his learning difficulties!

So, I would like to call on you, to head down to any TransitLink ticket office now to get your hand a on limited edition ez-link card, as well as do our part to help children with Dyslexia in Singapore realised their full potential! :) They are also the future owners of our country and they can contribute to the Country if we help them overcome their difficulties!

I am sure you would like to know which are the four winning designs! I am sharing them with you as followed. What makes their design more interesting is also the thought processes behind theses four budding artists!

Design by Matthew Tang, 11
There are two parts to his design. The lower half shows Singapore
in the 1960s and 1970s. Public transport was mainly the bus and the
trishaw. Moving around flats, shophouses, National Theatre and even
attap houses can be seen. The upper half shows our present MRT train.
With the journey it takes, modern architecture and more greenery can be seen.

Design by William Choo, 15
As you see the picture, the buildings and the characters go in a
chronological order through certain parts of history.
This is to represent the journey we have been through and
how far we have really come to achieve our goals to a better
Singapore with the people that have helped us along the way.

Design by Neo Hui-Shyan, 11
As our family does not own a car, we frequently use the MRT and
public buses for our journeys around this little island we call home.
Our efficient public transport system makes travelling convenient and comfortable.
My family and I can get to our desired destinations for work and play in a breeze! 

Design by Nur Amalia Bte Kamal, 16
While traveling to school in the morning, my sleepy route at Upper Bukit Timah Road
would be awakened with ever changing mega structures and gigantic machines.
The construction of Bukit Panjang mega transportation infrastructure project is rapidly
changing the landscape. Seamless connectivity between buses, MRT, LRT and highways
promotes fast and smooth journey. It’s good to live in Singapore in the 21st century and
cheers to SG50. 

Which is your most favorite design? I like all four of them because they aptly depicted our unique Singapore way of life, how our sights changed over the years! I also like how I can feel the hope and wishes of theses young Singaporeans! Don't you feel that we are continuously and consciously improving ourselves and our country?

This commemorative series of ez-link cards featuring art pieces of Singaporeans is special, not just because it commemorates SG50, but also, I can use keep them for my children. I can show it to them and tell stories to my children and grandchildren next time, of how it used to be like for me. Although my time is already vastly different from my parents time, yet my children have never seen or rode in a non-airconditioned double decker bus before! Isn't that something worth telling?

Well, it's the Jubilee weekend and it's National Day, our little family had been down with viral infections for the past week, we are doing our part of social responsibility to stay at home but what's stopping us from celebrating?

I am taking out the paint brushes and colors, we will also draw what SG50 means to us! :)

Have a great day ahead everyone!

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