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Rise and Shine with Swensen's

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Two weekends ago, we were invited to Swensen's on a early Sunday morning, for a great start to our day! Seriously before this, I didn't know that Swensons serve breakfast too. Do you know? The breakfast menu is available on weekends and Public Holidays from 8am to 11am, and is available at all Swensen's outlets except Bukit Panjang Plaza, City Square Mall, ION and Plaza Singapura outlets.

So I was impressed to see their breakfast menu! All breakfast menu comes with a beverage (choose between tea or coffee), you might be delighted to know that the breakfast menu has expanded to include Salted Egg n Honey Toasties! (it's really Yum Yum!! Highly recommend you to order!) and other kid-friendly dishes like Mini Good Morning Sunnies and Simply Pancakes, to reward everyone for a well-deserved family treat!

We were all very excited when our food was served! My kids had the Mini Good Morning Sunnies and Simply Pancakes! They kept pestering me to help them cut the…

Who Is Taking Who For A Walk?

I came across this and find it really meaningful. It's in Chinese, but I have also provided a translation to English below it. 
Dedicate this to all parents out there, with a special needs child(ren). Smiles, because we are blessed to be able to slow down and appreciate our own child and every other little things more. Jia You!
上帝给我一个任务, 让我牵着一只蜗牛去散步
好吧 放手吧
God gave me a task, he asked me to take a snail for a walk  I am not able to go too fast  Because the snail is already trying very hard to climb Its every move is always bit by bit  I urge it, scare it and blame it But the Snail looked at me with sorry eyes As if to say 'I've tried my best'  This is so weird!  Why does God want me to bring a snail for a walk? Well, let it go!  Anyway, since God didn't care about us too!  Why shoul…

The Things He Said

As a mother, I cried for my children on many occasions - crying because of happiness, joy, proud moments, helplessness, worries and fears.. 
Today, I cried because of something he said, something unexpected and felt so bittersweet to me. 
In the morning, we were on our way to drop Little Brother off at my Dad's before going to the hospital for Big Brother's Occupational Therapy (OT) appointment. While driving into the carpark of my Dad's place,
Big Brother: Mommy, why are you come here? We are not suppose to come here you know?
Me: Well, yes. I am bringing Didi to Gong Gong's house first. We are not bringing him with us because he will be so disruptive when we meet Aunty Esther (his therapist) later. But let's be quiet k? Else Didi will hear that we are leaving without him!
K: Don't worry! I will tell Didi.  Didi! I am going to the library k? I am going to read books at the Library! You wait for me at Gong Gong house and I will be back soon!
Me: Huh? Why did y…

Rockin' Comfort with Drypers Drypantz

Our Little Brother has started using the Drypers Drypantz, which was launched since last year.

While the features of the pants remains, the Drypantz provides my boy with rockin’ comfort! The specially designed Activ-Core™absorbent layer helps to quickly absorb urine, prevent flow-back and provide up to 10 hours of longer-lasting dryness! That means up to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep for both him and me, so that we both can be well rested every night. :) It also offers us a peace of mind, knowing that the drypants contains 4 Natural Plant Extracts: Aloe Vera, Olive Extracts, Chamomile and Vitamin E to help to keep my boy skin healthy and comfortable. I also like how it stays snugly on my boy and we have no leakage problem!

So, while the Drypers Drypantz remains solid same, Drypers is launching its Drypers Drypantz mega pack in Singapore in a rockin' BIG way!

You might be delighted to know that the new mega pack of Drypers Drypantz comes in the following sizes and pack count. With…

My Journey, My Home, My Singapore

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Today is the most special day of the year, for we celebrate Singapore's 50th Birthday! Happy National Day, Singapore!!!
Despite it being only 50 years, we have really came a long way, look how much has changed and how we stood out in the world! I am really proud to be a Singaporean and I hope I will still be around to celebrate Singapore's 100th Birthday!

In celebration of Singapore’s 50 years of progress, EZ-Link launched the nationwide “My Journey, My Home” SG50 Card Design Art Competition in February 2015 to develop an exclusive set of commemorative collectibles fitting for this joyous occasion. The competition called for Singaporeans to depict what SG50 means to them and four winning designs were selected to be printed on top of EZ-Link cards for sale!

Four grand winners emerged for the ‘My Journey, My Home’ Art Competition and theses four beautiful artworks by Singapore’s young artists were honoured at an Awards Ceremony on 3rd August 2015. This four desig…