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Betty Crocker celebrates SG50 + Giveaway

Before I can bake well, I started my virgin bakes using Betty Crocker premixes. My first few bakes were of Blueberry Muffin! It is so simple, I only need to add three ingredients - water, oil and eggs and it's foolproof! Like anyone, I want my first few bakes to be successful, so that I will be encouraged to move on to real baking from scratch and trying out new recipes.

Though I am able to start baking from scratch now, but I still use Betty Crocker premixes from time to time because of it's convenience! I actually store a few of the premixes (muffins and cookies) in my kitchen cupboard:
to make last minute tea breaks, especially when someone is visiting our hometo bake when i feel like baking and ran out of flour or sugar/salt/baking powders
Mind you, those baking recipes that I trialed and tested may not be well loved by everyone, but my Betty Crocker bakes suit the most universal tastebuds! Not too sweet, not too bland. I do not have to worry about which brand of flour, sug…

Delicious one "pot" baked pasta

Well, since I started homeschooling my boys and with Big Brother started having his EIPIC classes frequently in the afternoons, I had stopped cooking so frequently. It had become too tedious to buy groceries with the boys and cook with them at home. I tried buying weekly groceries, but there are times where we don't cook for days and I really don't like the raw ingredients kept in the freezer for too long. 
Yet, having to eat outside food for too long can be sickening, especially if you have picky eaters who only eat that few stuffs. So, I started anyhow baking a one "tray" pasta and it was very very delicious! I posted a picture onto my social medias and some of you asked me for the recipe! Haha, I was stumped, because it was a anyhow cook. So for the sake of those who asked, I had actually tried and tested a few more times to find the perfect and foolproof way to bake the pasta for sharing! 

I wonder why I hadn't thought of baking pasta earlier! For it has too…

What's White, Soft and Very Fluffy?

Not the clouds but the new additions in our bedroom! Blessed by King Koil, our family received two new premium pillows and a bolster from their Denmark FossFlakes Collections! They are truly white, soft and very fluffy!

Why are we so excited and happy? That's because.. Our old pillows were bought right before our wedding 7 years ago and we can only sun it occasionally! *can't imagine how dirty they are now!* And, the manufactured in Denmark FossFlakes beddings are premium luxury (think 5 stars hotels' beddings) and they are machine washable, right at home!

Why choose FossFlakes Beddings?
Based on our experiences, let me share with you why you should really consider FossFlakes Beddings!

1. Machine Washable & Easy to Maintain

Can you recall when you last washed your pillows? Our old pillows are not washable at all and right now, i feel a little sick thinking about what can be found on them!

Most used pillows are full of dust mites and their faeces, sloughed off skin and ho…

Keeping The Car Really Clean and Pest Free

Being a stay home mommy looking after my two young boys myself, I can almost do everything except for washing and cleaning the family car! 

It's really impossible and too dangerous for me to bring my children with me to the washing bay to wash the car right?! I tried going to the petrol station car wash service and thought it's a good idea to go weekly, but Hubby disagreed and he thinks that he can do a better job! (Men!!) So the task of cleaning the car has been assigned to him, however, i think most family can relate to this: weekdays after work hubby will be too tired to wash and clean the car, weekends are our golden timing and we are out for outings most of the time, so I think our car only get a wash around once a month??! 

Actually, to me, it doesn't really matters if the car is dusty or dirty in its exteriors, but it's a very big deal to me if the interiors are not clean and very dusty. Why? Because years ago, I read this news and I must share it with you now, ex…

Parenting Seminar at Rise & Shine Festival 2015 + Discount Code

How time flies! Almost one year ago, I shared about the Rise & Shine Expo 2014, and the yearly event is back! Rise & Shine Festival 2015 will be happening from 28 - 30 August 2015 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 - 405!

Together with the Enrichment & Play Festival, there will also be kids trial classes as well as parenting seminars held.

This year, I would particularly like to highlight on one of the the parenting seminar which resonates with me - "Appreciating your child", for I also believe that there is no child that cannot be taught well. There are only parents who do not know how to teach...

About The Seminar

Do you have a misbehaved and disobedient child? Or a child who is disfiant, whiny, temperamental, stubborn and constantly throwing tantrum?

If you have, how are you tackling your child’s negative behaviour? Do you instill fear with loud scolding voice and cane that normally leads to sore throats, tears and frustrations?

If …

The Things Little Brother Says

It's great Singapore Sale at the moment! Hubby who is working in Orchard with all the shopping malls told me that everywhere is on sale!

When I asked him about my favorite shop H&M, he said currently the sale is only at the Women's section and my mouth pouted immediately. I am so so stuck with my two boys, on week days when I bring them marketing, it's already so difficult to buy anything with them, as they are so active and they FIGHT all the time! Week ends? We always go out together as a family and the last time we were in a mall, we went home rather quickly without buying anything for ourselves!

Since I had my first child, I had turn online to shop, usually late in middle of night when I am breastfeeding my babies! You should really check out the ZALORA Mastercard Promotions where you get extra 7% off storewide when you use Mastercard on Thursday! (Luckily not for use every day, else Hubby might kill me very quickly!)

Ok, back to the amazing things my newly turned …