*New* The Things LIttle Brother Says

I always have been posting snippets of conversations between me and Big Brother.

Lately, since Little Brother passed his 24 months old mark, he had suddenly become so chatty! Some of the things he said amazed me and some are amusing!

So I decided to start jotting down the things Little Brother said so that I can reminiscence when I am old and my children are all grown up.

Today, Little Brother suddenly told me "Daddy go work"

So I asked him if he knows where's Gong Gong? "Gong Gong sleep" (cos we just left my dad's house after we had our packed lunch there, and my dad will usually nap in the day as he is driving the taxi at night!)

Then where is Popo? "Popo work"

What about 干妈? "Gan Ma work"

Woah! How did he know all theses??

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