How to Lose that Dreaded Post Pregnancy Belly Instantly

This post took me really long to write, because it’s a really depressing topic and haha, I do not have the courage to share pictures that I really hate to see! You see, my figure went down the hill, ever since the birth of my second child!

After the first pregnancy, I was still able to return to the slim self and back to pre-pregnancy weight.

This was taken when Big Brother was one year old! Where have I disappeared to now! SOBZ!

I was able to wear my bikini then without feeling self-conscious!

So, two years ago, after I delivered Little Brother and finished my 7 days post maternity massage which included the tummy binder, I was rid of my water retention and the tummy got smaller. BUT, I was shocked that my size were still quite big! I didn't slim back like I did during my first pregnancy!

When a few other mommy friends got together and want to arrange a bulk purchase for something called Wink®, I joined them and bought my first Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini in Nude in size S, and I wore it everyday for 12 hours at night!

The Ultra Bikini Wink® that I got has three sets of hooks to allow room to go tighter as I slimmed down, and there is also three sets of hooks at the crotch area to allow for different torso lengths! It is also very useful for going to toilet as you do not have to remove the whole shaping wear, and thus allowing me to wear it for 12 hours at one go! (Images taken from

And really it works so much better than me dieting or exercising as I am still breastfeeding my second born. I only wore it for one month and the Ultra Bikini Wink® became loose for me. I was able to wear most of my pre-second-pregnancy clothes! But my hips!! SOBZ!! I couldn't wear my pre-first pregnancy clothings anymore. In fact, when moving into my new home, i went through the clothings and packed many of them away - clothes i will never be able to fit into again because of the change in my bones structure. Before I was ever a mom, I am really so petite that from my side view I am really very flat? Now, I am really "All-rounded". ;p

Lately, I had the opportunity to trial and review Wink® and i immediately jumped onto the opportunity! Having tried the Ultra Bikini, i was looking for something that can help me with my big hips and thunderous thighs! Unlike my first pregnancy, now i have this really loose skin around the tummy that made it really depressing for me to put on even a swim suit anymore (not even talking about a bikini! How to show that horrendous disfigured and loose tummy to anyone?)

I tried dieting, eating very little, exercising, zumba-ing, drinking a lot of water and applying slimming creams! However, maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s the baking that I did, maybe it’s the food that I am finishing on behalf of my babies… are you really to see what you will be going to see?

no words needed to describe anything, just sobz!! 

Well, i also had those high waisted body restructuring panty, and this is it's effects...

Tummy with a high waisted panty, don't look loose but still very budging!

With my old Ultra Bikini in size S it was similar to my high waisted panty because I have slimmed down previously and it became loose for me. Until I tried the the Waist & Hip Blaster in size XS! Look!!

The tummy is obviously smaller!

With the Waist & Hip Blaster in size XS

With the Waist & Hip Blaster in size XS

The Before and After is really great isn't it? It's all in a matter of less than 1 minute work!

Views of actual product, images from

Having tried both the Ultra Bikini and Waist and Hip Blaster, I would say the Waist and Hip Blaster is a better investment since it's only a price difference of S$20+ and you can shape the waist, hips, the bottom and the top of the thighs too! But be very very warned! It's really difficult to take off when going to the toilet as you need to take off the whole thing before you can pee! So I wasn't able to wear this for long hours as I was too lazy to put it on and off! The ultra bikini doesn't have this issue! :) But both of my Wink® shapewear are very good. I am truly satisfied and will be always ready for any dinners or functions! ;p

About Wink® Shapewear

For more information on Wink®, please visit 

Wink® Shapewear slimming garments are specially designed and tailored for all ladies who want to feel good and look good. Wink® Shapewears comes with a whole variety of different compression garments, ranging from Bikini wear, lingerie, tummy shapers and many more! Wink® Shapewears effectively target major areas such as the booty, tummy, waistline, hips and thighs, naturally reducing flabby areas and even bringing a dress size down – instantly. Yes, INSTANTLY! So whether you are heading for a post-natal recovery or just want to look good on a special occasion, Wink® Shapewear Slimming Garment is the perfect solution for you. 

Envy Her is the sole distributor for Wink® Shapewear in Singapore. It may be difficult to verify which size you should buy and it's good that they offer free fitting sessions at either Pasir Ris or Tiong Bahru which can be arranged via the sign up forms located on the “fittings” tab on Envy Her webpage

P/S: You can get a 10% coupon code simply by subscribing to the Envy Her Newsletter to Get a Special 10% Coupon Code! Details on their website at

Disclaimer: I received a Waist and Hip Blaster for review purposes. No other form of compensation were involved. All opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise stated. 

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