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Welcome to 姑妈家 again! :)

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This year, Gu Ma Jia Restaurant is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and we were invited, together with a few other bloggers, to an exclusive food tasting to sample their NEW dishes! It's a great experience meeting old and new friends there! *

Having tried the food at Gu Ma Jia Restaurant before last year, I really miss the good food, prompt service and friendly staffs, and especially chatting with the amiable Gu Ma, Chen Mei Yan! You can read here about our experiences last year.

Unlike last year, this year I am super delighted and relax! That's because i didn't had to bring my children along as my parents gave me the nights off by babysitting for me! Wooohooo!! Good food are meant to be savoured slowly and thoroughly, with full concentration and without the need to scold or chase after children! Haha!

While waiting for others to arrived, we were served the fruit enzyme drinks created by the people at Gu Ma Jia themselves! I can't put a single word to des…

How to Lose that Dreaded Post Pregnancy Belly Instantly

This post took me really long to write, because it’s a really depressing topic and haha, I do not have the courage to share pictures that I really hate to see! You see, my figure went down the hill, ever since the birth of my second child!

After the first pregnancy, I was still able to return to the slim self and back to pre-pregnancy weight.

So, two years ago, after I delivered Little Brother and finished my 7 days post maternity massage which included the tummy binder, I was rid of my water retention and the tummy got smaller. BUT, I was shocked that my size were still quite big! I didn't slim back like I did during my first pregnancy!

When a few other mommy friends got together and want to arrange a bulk purchase for something called Wink®, I joined them and bought my first Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini in Nude in size S, and I wore it everyday for 12 hours at night!

And really it works so much better than me dieting or exercising as I am still breastfeeding my second born. …

The Things He Said

I was outside waiting at the reception area of HeArt Studio, while Kyle was having his art class with Teacher Jay.

It was the start of new theme - Aeroplanes. I overheard the Teacher introducing to Kyle the simple history of aircrafts, and the different types of aircrafts, He also introduced the name of the parts of an airplane. He told Kyle that towards the end of the class he will show him some videos of aircrafts.
I almost fell off my chair when I heard something Kyle said
"Last time my mummy showed me the video of the airplane crashed, I like it very much you know?"
"What?!! What are you saying K? That is very weird you know!"
"I am not scare, it is (referring the the sounds) very soft. The video is very nice! I love the video very much!"
I was outside in shocked and kept on thinking what the hell was Kyle talking about? What video??? And how could say he love watching the air plane crashed?? Was it the videos he watched repeatedly playing on the news…

The Big Bully + Giveaway

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Remember the sold out "Looking for Mama" chinese production that we watched last year?

This year, Paper Monkey Theatre is bringing to us a brand new english production "The Big Bully"! This show is only open to public on 30 May 2015, so you will have to book your tickets quickly before they get sold out again.

What's better than this to kick start the June School Holidays for your child(ren)? I always love exposing my children to musical theatre production and please support our own local productions! :)


Date: 30 May 2015
Time: 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Venue: Tree House @ Goodman Arts Centre 90 Goodman Road, Block B #01-05, Singapore 439053

How to get there? 
Click here for directions »

Tickets Price: $20/ticket
Tickets can be purchase from

Great news is that you can buy the tickets with early bird discount at only $15/ticket! Only valid from now till 3 May 2015, while tickets left! 


Hungry Brush is a Big B…

Rise & Shine Carnival + Giveaway

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The once a year Rise & Shine Carnival is back! Back for the 3rd year, this one day only event, aims to raise awareness on healthy development of children through good dietary and lifestyle habits, after research shows that 1 in 3 children have unhealthy breakfast! This year, the Rise & Shine Carnival is booked at a larger venue space at The Float, and it will be the largest outdoor carnival in Singapore for children and families that is breakfast picnic themed! 1000 tickets were sold out within 3 weeks, so act fast now, if you would like to bring your family for this inaugural and fun event!

Event Details

Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay 
Date: Saturday, 18 April 2015 
Time: 8am – 12pm (booth activities will continue to run till 5pm! Kids have more time to try out games at each booth)
Ticket price: Free entry for kids below 12 years old.$20/ ticket. Each paying adults will receive a play coupons worth $40 and each family will receive a picnic mat free.

Visit website…