The Things He Said

As I won a staycation package from the Maybe Baby contest, I was wondering if we can go without bringing the children.

Before we sleep, I asked Big Brother "Can Mommy go play without you?"


"But.. how come daddy can go play without you?" (Referring to the Daddy go play golf without bringing him)

"That's why! He is a very naughty Daddy!"

"Haha! Then do you remember Godma is going to bring you out to watch a show and not bringing Mommy? How come you can go to play without me?"

"Mommy, you wait for me at home. I do not want to go Gong Gong house. After the show I will come home immediately OK?"

"Do you remember the time Mommy go hospital to give birth to Didi? That time you went home to sleep with Daddy and Mommy sleep alone in the hospital"

"Yes, but can I sleep in the hospital please? I do not want you to be alone!"

Awwww.... such  a sweet darling boy. I wonder how much tears he will have, if I go on a staycation without him!

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