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A Day to Remember

Today is a day i want to remember, the day where the whole nation of Singapore grieved together. I feel the same sorrow as when my beloved grandmothers passed on.

Thank you very much to our founding father. Life is short, but you made your life and millions of ours shine with brightness. We will always remember you and I want my children to know about you too.

Post by Miracule.
As a mark of respect, we will be observing the 7-day national mourning as declared by our Prime Minister. From today till 29 March, we will observe silence on the blog, Facebook page and Instagram.

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Embracing Motherhood

Being a mother is the hardest role i ever take on, and it's a role that will remain for a lifetime until the day my heart stops.

While motherhood is a magical satisfying journey, I find it tough and challenging too! Both when I was a working mom and now when I am stay home mom. It's already not easy juggling the different tasks and trying my best to be a good mother, and it gets worst that I am judged and criticized every day for almost everything that I do. The irony? The people doing the judgment and saying hurtful things are usually fellow women or moms too! 女人何苦为难女人嘛!?

I have never ever heard so much "white noise" before in my life, until i became a mother...

When I just returned to work, I heard people said that "she will be distracted and misses her baby so much she can't perform!"

When I breastfed my baby, I heard "Why so fast the baby is hungry again? Ask your mommy to express out her milk so that you can sleep with me instead!"

When …

Drypers Drynights: Good Night and Sleep Tight

[Product Review]

Since the birth of my firstborn 5+ years ago, every night before we sleep, I will say to each of my precious sons "I love you very much! Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!"

"I wish I may, I wish I might, i wish for my children a good sleep tonight!" 

I believe every mother is like me, I want my children to have a safe and uninterrupted sleep every night, dreaming of only good things. To ensure my children sleep well, I looked into every possible aspect that can possibly affect their sleep:
I let them wear long sleeves and long pants pyjamas made of comfortable material to sleep inWe sleep in an air conditioned room with temperature kept at 27 degree which is for us, the most optimum temperature and humidity. I keep the air purifier on while we sleep to ensure the best quality of air that my children breatheI ensure that the block-out curtains are pulled so the room is dark and cozy, we can fall asleep easily and won't be affected by any lights Lastly, b…

Meet My Little Pony and Real Ponies this March School Holidays at City Square Mall

[Media Invite]
The March School Holidays are coming soon! Our little family is also heading to City Square Mall for a plethora of fun-filled activities specially catered for the family! 
From 13 March to 12 April 2015, City Square Mall, owned and managed by City Developments Limited (CDL), will be celebrating the March School Holidays with ponies galore and a plethora of fun-filled activities specially catered for the family!

Details of City Square Mall’s March School Holidays activities and promotions:
My Little Pony Party Surprise ‘Live’ On Stage  Date: 14 March – 22 March  Time: 2pm & 7pm (Mon – Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)  Venue: Level 1 Atrium
Get ready for a magical March School Holidays with a series of song and dance with the characters from My Little Pony ‘live’ on stage! From 14 - 22 March, catch familiar characters like Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack, on their fun-filled pony adventures as they organize a magical birthday celebration for…

The Things He Said

The teacher at the eipic told me a joke that happened with my boy.
One day, the teachers and the children are at the gym. There were three children and only two kick scooter, so they have to problem solve and learn to take turns.
Along the way, the teacher said to my boy "Kyle! You really made my day so happy!"
Big Brother who was still scooting, replied "Oh! So it's Happy Teachers Day today!"
And the teachers all bursted out laughing.
He asked them what's so funny? He really took the words very seriously, it's a happy teacher day!
This, is my boy. ;) so cute no?
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Art Play Craft + Giveaway

In late January, before we went for our Taiwan trip, we received a box from Art Play but I didn't had the time to open it for my children and I to explore together.
So, on the first day of Chinese New Year, I brought it along with us when we head to my children's great grandmother house. Turn out, it's the wisest thing I have done in the longest time! Every first day of the Chinese New Year, we spent the whole day at the great grandma's house. It's really not easy to keep the little ones entertained and I really hate giving to them the iPad or mobile phones to play! The box gave us closed to one hour of fun! 

The theme of our Art Play Box is Muffin's Chinese New Year, retailing at SGD18.88 currently! Just nice for our Chinese New Year celebrations! I had brought along my own scissors, glue and double-sided tape just in case, however we didn't need to use any of theses! There were three individually packed crafts inside our box and each craft is self-suffic…

March Holidays Carnival 2015 at United Square

[Media Invite]
This March school holidays, we are heading to United Square Shopping Mall, the kids learning mall for an array of fun and exciting activities! 
Usher in the holidays with Cartoon Network’s Toonfest, where kids can shake it up with their favourite Cartoon Network stars from Adventure Time, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10: Omniverse, Steven Universe and many more. 

Experience a different kind of buzz with some exciting games and fun activity booths. Plus, Toonfesters will also get a chance to take home awesome prizes. Event takes place on Saturday, 14 March and Sunday, 15 March 2015.
The fun continues with Peppa and George, the two lead characters from Peppa Pig. Get close up with Peppa, a loveable, cheeky little piggy, and her little brother George at their first appearance in Singapore. Kids can also take part in fun activities between 17 to 25 March 2015. 

Peppa Pig’s First ‘LIVE’ Meet & Greet in Singapore 
Tuesday, 17 March to Wednesday, 25 March  17…

Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids (Seek SG)

Last month, I came across a very meaningful project organised by a group of 4 students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who seek to raise awareness about myopia in young children. I am really impressed that the youths make an effort for the future generation of Singapore, by partnering with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) on a campaign called Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids (Seek SG) that encourages parents to bring kids outdoors regularly to combat myopia.

Do you know? Developing myopia before the age of 10 is especially serious, as it increases the chances of going blind later in life. Singapore has the highest rates of myopia in the world and 1 in 4 Primary One children wears spectacles, making it a serious issue. This is why the Seek SG campaign was initiated back in August 2014.
What's going on? The Seek SG tries to reach out in the following ways, hopefully to help lower the myopia rates in Singapore:
1) To promote going outdoors, Seek SG has organised 4 outdoor family …

The Things He Said

As I won a staycation package from the Maybe Baby contest, I was wondering if we can go without bringing the children.
Before we sleep, I asked Big Brother "Can Mommy go play without you?"
"But.. how come daddy can go play without you?" (Referring to the Daddy go play golf without bringing him)
"That's why! He is a very naughty Daddy!"
"Haha! Then do you remember Godma is going to bring you out to watch a show and not bringing Mommy? How come you can go to play without me?"
"Mommy, you wait for me at home. I do not want to go Gong Gong house. After the show I will come home immediately OK?"
"Do you remember the time Mommy go hospital to give birth to Didi? That time you went home to sleep with Daddy and Mommy sleep alone in the hospital"
"Yes, but can I sleep in the hospital please? I do not want you to be alone!"
Awwww.... such  a sweet darling boy. I wonder how much tears he will have, if I…