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The 15 Things

I am someone who made reflections frequently and tried to change myself as and when, based on my reflections. Truth is, after so many years, my resolutions still remained the same! :S Probably because they are all mental notes with no actions taken! Especially since after being a Stay Home Mom (SAHM) for two plus years now, there are simply too many things going on daily, that I do not even have enough rest, I have felt that I have totally lost myself, in terms of my own identity, my inner me, my interests etc! Everything is about the children and the family.

When a Mommy friend, Rachel, from started this "15 in 2015" blog train, I felt it is so timely, the most perfect opportunity to get my engine started and put things in place! This topic is something I really want to touch on, not for anyone else but for myself.

15 Things I will Do Differently in 2015


My character doesn't like to give people trouble, so I have always been gi…

The Things He Said

Big Brother asked me to accompany him into his early intervention class today and his teachers agreed that I can stay inside for 2 minutes, which he negotiated to 5 minutes.
When it was time for me to leave, he turned around and said, "Bye bye Mommy!"
"Bye bye Kyle!" And I blew him a kiss.
AND he has to add on "And please remember to stay out of trouble!"
With that, every adults bursted out laughing.
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SunMoon DC Comics Fruit Cups + Giveaway

Lately, I came across something really interesting when I was doing my grocery shopping! 

My first thought was "Wow, it's DC Comics heroes and both my boys are surely gonna love it!" But I didn't buy any, because honestly, I was skeptical how can it be without any preservatives and yet can lasts so long!? Would it be healthy for children??

And just like my blog's tagline "Where everything happens for a reason", shortly after I saw the fruit cups, I was also approached by SunMoon Food Company to review them too! How timely and cool fate can be! I got to understand a lot more and agree to try the fruit cups and will review only if we like it! 

Sharing what I have learnt with you:

1. Who is SunMoon? 
SunMoon is the leading fresh food company in Asia and they have been supplying premium quality fruits into Indonesia for over 20 years.

2. Is this product different from Fresh Fruits? 
Yes, the fruits are freshly picked and then packed in cups. What’s better is tha…

9d8n Taiwan in Pictures (Day 1) Spendtime Hotspring Stay

It's our first time to Taiwan and we totally do not have any idea what to expect!

For this trip we are bringing our two active boys, and my parents are going with us too! With four adults and two young children, you can imagine the nightmare involved in the packing (it doesn't help that it's also cold in Taiwan now), as well as travelling logistics - how to cope with our luggages as well as the children at the same time!

Luckily my mommy friend, Angeline, recommended us to use Tour Taiwan and true enough, planning the whole trip becomes so no brainer! We booked a Volkwagen T5 (9 seater) with really luxurious space for everyone including our luggages and Xiao Li was our driver for 5 of the days we were in Taiwan!

Wanna know how pleased I am with them and how awesome they are?

I was really touched to know that they went to buy two new car seats specially because they heard I am bringing a one year old,  so we can have a better and safer ride!They even inform me before my trip…

Review on the I.belibaby Hipseat Carrier

When my elder son was born, I have bought and used many different carriers before i settled down on a Patapum ergonomic carrier, which is the most comfortable and i am still using it now for my younger son. I love baby wearing, anytime, anywhere!

As my trusty Patapum is really tattered and worn out, with some seams giving way, I thought it's time for a new carrier. And as timely as the thought I had, I had recently chatted with my friend, who is distributing and retailing the I.belibaby products! They carry the I.belibaby hipseat carrier and thus I had the opportunity to trial and review it! As you have already know, hip seats are useful for carrying active toddlers who like to walk and explore when you bring them out out, yet become tired out after a short while. A hipseat carrier marries the best of both a hipseat and a carrier! I know that on the market there are many with prices ranging up to SGD200+!

I.belibaby Hip Seat Carrier are made with baby's safety and comfort in m…