Restaurant Hoshigaoka: A Family Friendly Restaurant

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Sometime in December, our little family of four were invited to Restaurant Hoshigaoka located at SAFRA Toa Payoh for some sumptuous Japanese food! Restaurant Hoshigaoka, with four outlets in Singapore, has launched its newly redesigned a​ ​la carte menu with five new signature dishes and kid's menu. 

We were at the cozy SAFRA Toa Payoh outlet, centrally located in Singapore with ample parking lots.

As my elder boy dislike Japanese food so we usually couldn't have our meals taken in a Japanese restaurant, i actually look forward to this food tasting experience to see if we can have an all new opportunity of Japanese dining again!  

The kids menu are printed in a cute panda head poster!
Even our 1.5 years old little brother is attracted by the cute menu!

With the all new kid's menu, children can look forward to the food served in kawaii airplane and bento boxes, offering a variety of treats such as crispy prawns, mini udon and octopus balls. There are 4 different sets to choose from and each set comes with a Yakult drink, jelly and a pack of Hello Panda biscuits! Best part? Each set only costs S$9.90++!

We ordered the Kids Set D for Big Brother and it consists of a deep fried prawn, cucumber rolls, dory fish, egg omelette, fries served on a uber cute airplane as well as a mini bowl of udon. As usual, Big Brother refused the udon and sushi, but he took the deep fried prawn, fries and yes! The bottle of Yakult drink and chocolate biscuits did the trick and allowed us to have our meals in peace without protests to leave!

Kids Set D, S$9.90

For Little Brother, we ordered the Kids Set A and he really loved the Tomato fried rice! For a 1.5 years old, he surely ate a lot that day! Within the super cute bento, there was also a deep fried chicken, cuttlefish ball, dory fish and omelette too! 

Kids Set A, S$9.90 

Now the children were happy with their food, me and hubby were finally able to treat our taste buds to very refreshing and tasty Japanese food! I really love Japanese and Korean Food but theses are the cuisines that are usually not child friendly so i have been truly very food deprived. This was one of the most enjoyable dinner that i had in quite a while! 

Are you ready for the food for adults? 

Mentai Potato Salad S$7.90

First dish for us is the appetiser Mentai Potato Salad! It is actually a simple assorted vegetables and potato salad topped with spicy cod roe mayonnaise and after we poured the sesame dressing over and it's the most perfect appetiser! The sesame dressing is really very appetising and i couldn't have more than enough of the salad as we finished in within minutes of starting! 

Goma Beef Houba Yaki S$16.90

Next served was the meltingly tender and delectable Goma Beef Houba Yaki, which is actually hotplate beef topped in sesame sauce served on Houba Leaf! There was a stove below and with the fire burning, the meat and sauce were sizzling and the smell is sooooooo heavenly! We were told to turn off the fire soon so that the meat will not be over cooked. I am not really a beef eater but i tried it and it's nice! I find that sesame sauce makes any food more tasty and very appetising! 

Salmon Nigiri Sushi, S$2 each

What's Japanese dining if one don't take any sashimi or sushi at all right? This Salmon Nigiri Sushi is very fresh! At first i was turned off by the mayonnaise dressing on top of the sushi, i mean salmon is already an oily fish and mayonnaise??? But surprisingly, with the mayonnaise dressing, it does makes the sashimi tastier and actually, it's very light only. :D 

Hoshigaoka Zen Set Meal S$32
Next served was the Hoshigaoka Zen Set Meal! The set meal consists of an appetizer, Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi Salad, Tempura, Gindara Teriyaki, Beef Misoyaki, rice, miso soup, Chawanmushi and macha ice-cream! This meal is perfect if you cannot make up your mind on what to eat, and you can to taste everything from tempura, sashimi, meat and seafood! It may be too much, so you can share the meal with your spouse or children too! 

Black Pepper Gindara Teishoku Set Meal S$24.90
The other set meal for us was the Black Pepper Gindara Teishoku set, which comes with a sizzling black pepper cod fish , deep fried chicken, salmon sashimi, appetizer, chawanmushi, rice, miso soup and fruits! It's a little surprise when the tray was served with the gindara on a mini heated stove and the fish was still sizzling away! I am a black pepper lover (I love all food with black pepper, especially black pepper crabs!) so naturally this set is perfect for me! The fragrant.. oh! I still miss it so much! 

Tempura Icecream S$6.80
Dessert was Fried Tempura Icecream drizzle with strawberry sauce. Honestly, I am not a fan of fried icecream at all. I thought maybe my children might find it interesting but sadly, they do not like the taste too. I would prefer the authentic and refreshing Macha Icecream, anytime. :)

More information on Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Restaurant Hoshigaoka was first opened in Singapore at the Apollo Hotel in 1972. Initially named Hoshigaoka Saryo, the restaurant from Japan brought with it traditional Japanese cooking with an emphasis on discriminating culinary tastes, sumptuous dishes, a serene atmosphere and trademark Japanese hospitality. To appeal to a broader market, Hoshigaoka Saryo was renamed Restaurant Hoshigaoka in 1986. Restaurant Hoshigaoka – family Japanese restaurant has undergone a rebranding exercise since its acquisition by JP Pepperdine, owner of well-known F&B brands Jack’s Place, Eatzi Gourmet and Kkongdon Barbeque. The outlet located at Isetan Scotts, Level 4, has been rejuvenated with redesigned interiors to reflect the new ownership, while an updated menu features an improved variety, enhanced quality and value-for-money. More than an update to the well-loved brand, the redesign is formulated in line with the traditions and values of the restaurant’s original founder, Kitaoji Rosanjin. JP Pepperdine hopes to continue to serve cherished long-time customers while bringing Restaurant Hoshigaoka to a new generation of diners. After 40 years in Singapore, the rebranding is slated to refresh the brand while preserving the original sentiments and values of its founder. With the original sentiments and values in mind, Restaurant Hoshigaoka will try to be the best Traditional Japanese restaurant in Singapore. 

Restaurant Hoshigaoka now has 4 outlets in Singapore, located at Isetan Scotts (#04-00), The Grandstand (#01-31), SAFRA Toa Payoh (#01-04) and Woodlands Civic Centre (#02-05).

Disclaimer: We were invited to Restaurant Hoshigaoka for food tasting for review purposes. No other compensation was involved and I am not obliged to blog about it if we do not like the food. :) All opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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