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Bye Bye Kyle?

It was a Fruity Friday which means we are suppose to pack fruits for the children to bring to school for snack. However I had forgotten to put the cut apples into Big Brother's backpack.
After I brought Big Brother to school, I was doing grocery shopping and suddenly remembered I forgotten to bring his apple snack! So i went home immediately to take it and bring it back to school.
When I arrived outside his class, it was about time for their next lesson (they are required to move from classroom to classroom for different lessons). I stood outside the closed door and heard the form teacher said "Bye Bye Kyle!" followed by the classmates going together "Bye Bye Kyle!" Some of them added " You cannot go!" "You will be alone here!"
And I heard his voice, he said "No! I will not be alone!"
The door opened, the teacher was shocked to find me standing outside. Kyle just finished wearing his shoes. Of course I know why! My son is slow. Wh…

The Things He said

Just one day before our Taiwan trip, while packing, I realised with horror that our Big Brother has outgrown all his long pants and it's gonna be quite cold in Taiwan!
Me: Kyle, we are going to Taiwan,  it's cold there but you don't have any long pants how? (implying that we cannot go anymore)
K: Uh.............. Why not we wear the sleeping one? (referring to his PJs, which are long pants)
I was dumbfounded. Well, I didn't think of that at all. He is right to point out that he did indeed still have long pants. Haha..
I feel my boy is actually very clever!

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A Night of Magic at Raffles + GIveaway

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On Saturday night that had just passed, our little family of four had a really enjoyable and amazing time at the Raffles Hotel! The four-time Merlin Award Winner, Joe Labero, marks his return to Singapore for “A Night of Magic at Raffles” with a brand new fiery show from 16 Jan to 22 Feb 2015! 

As I started writing this post event review, I am wondering how I can share our experience with you in words because throughout the show, we were either making sounds like "Wow!!",  "Wooooooooooh!", "Oh My God!!!", "Arrrrrr...", or our mouth were either wide opened or covered with a hand in suspense and the rest of time, we were kept in constant laughters by the very charming yet witty Joe Labero himself!  

Prior to the event, I was invited to bring both my boys, but little did I know that the minimum age for entry is five years old and we had brought along our Little Brother with us! I was nicely reminded by staffs to bring the child out …

He ain't heavy, he's my son

2015 marks the beginning of Kindergarten two for our Big Brother, he also started EIPIC (Early Intervention Program for Infants and Children) at one of the most experienced Autism Centre in Singapore. It had been tough for us because every week day is filled up, we no longer have the luxury of outings like how I used to bring my children out in the afternoons after school to explore, neither do we have stay at home rest days too.
The first week of his usual mainstream school, I had to follow Big Brother into his class, carrying Little Brother in as well. We were able to leave the class 5 to 10 minutes later, when Big Brother was settled down. 
This week, however, had been physically, emotionally and mentally tough! Big Brother cried almost every day. On one of the days, he was crying very badly and told his teacher that he thought his mother is caught in a fire and he would like to go out to find his mother to save her.
Today, the moment he woke, he had been shouting and crying, ref…

The Things He Said

This morning as per usual, after I sent Big Brother to school, I went home quickly and started doing the household chores. Less than an hour later I realized there were three missed calls on my mobile (which was switched to silent mode) and a SMS from my son's teacher.

This is the first time I received a call from the school and I felt my heart was almost in my mouth! Needless to say, I called back immediately.
Turned out that my boy was crying a while after entering the class, he cried louder and louder and the teacher asked him why. He said he was very sad, his mummy is caught in a fire and died already. He wants to go and find his mummy.
The teacher told that his mummy is safe and fine. And she offered to call his mother so that he can speak to me. But alas, I felt so bad that just nice today the phone was on silent mode and I couldn't offer him the reassurance in time.
Seriously, I still feel bizarre and spooked out. This is such an abnormal incident and I …

Restaurant Hoshigaoka: A Family Friendly Restaurant

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Sometime in December, our little family of four were invited to Restaurant Hoshigaoka located at SAFRA Toa Payoh for some sumptuous Japanese food! Restaurant Hoshigaoka, with four outlets in Singapore, has launched its newly redesigned a​ ​la carte menu with five new signature dishes and kid's menu. 

As my elder boy dislike Japanese food so we usually couldn't have our meals taken in a Japanese restaurant, i actually look forward to this food tasting experience to see if we can have an all new opportunity of Japanese dining again!  

With the all new kid's menu, children can look forward to the food served in kawaii airplane and bento boxes, offering a variety of treats such as crispy prawns, mini udon and octopus balls. There are 4 different sets to choose from and each set comes with a Yakult drink, jelly and a pack of Hello Panda biscuits! Best part? Each set only costs S$9.90++!
We ordered the Kids Set D for Big Brother and it consists of a deep fried pr…