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Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

This topic is something close to my heart, so I am sharing this post with you. :)

Last week, we were invited by NTUC FairPrice for a movie screening of Penguins of Madagascar.

Most of us must be familiar with NTUC FairPrice as we frequently do our grocery shopping there, but most of us are not aware that since 1973, through FairPrice Foundation (a registered charity of FairPrice), FairPrice has donated S$76 million for its philanthropic efforts to the community since its establishment in 2008. Theses efforts showed how FairPrice is committed to its social mission to moderate the cost of living with a focus to provide a better life for the community. 
While the primary efforts by FairPrice focuses on helping the needy and community bonding, FairPrice has noticed a trend in rising pet ownership in Singapore, as well as growing awareness of pet adoption and push for stiffer laws against animal abuse. As such, FairPrice had also been actively working hard to be part of the voice for anim…

Let's Get Naked!

When I received an email with the above title, honestly I was shocked and freaked out! 

Then I read the email and realised "Oh... go naked on the face la!" LOL!!! Then I was intrigued, I want to know how I can be confident with my face bare of makeup! 
Since i converted to become a stay home mum, I no longer put on makeup daily. But even so, my skin condition is actually worst than when i was working! On one hand, it is due to the busy schedule of a full time "maid", I do not have the luxury of regular facial, the skin care routine has also become really basic. On the other hand, I go outdoor with my boys more often, so the sun, heat, sweat and dirt has really caused me to have clogged pores on the whole face! I am also plagued by acne & pimples which come visiting on my face a little too frequently!
Of course I accepted the invitation and head down to Molly Coddle Spa, conveniently located at One Raffles Place, for an afternoon tea party with Dr Cindy Yang an…

Big Brother on the HeArt Journey Continued...

I believe most parents are the same as me right? When i was still pregnant with my eldest boy, I thought of the things I want to give to my son, about his primary school as well as what enrichments I would like to send him to in future and what skills and values I would like to impart to him etc.

Before Big Brother Kyle's arrival in this world, when he was still inside my womb, I had already envisioned that I will send him for Speech & Drama to build confidence and communication, Abacus training so that he can do lightning speed mental sums, Music lessons so that he can be a gentleman! But it's funny how plans changes.

Kyle is mildly autistic, and he has learning difficulties for he doesn't learn like typical children do. I never sent Kyle for any Speech & Drama, Abacus or music classes. It had never ever cross my mind before to send him for art classes and here we are, Kyle has just completed his second term learning art at HeArt Studio and we will continue for as…

New Kid on the Block - LA Madison

Last month, both Big Brother Kyle and Little Brother Kyne were invited to La Madison for a special preview class before their opening! This is actually our Little Brother's virgin class experience as i have not brought him for any before this. 
LA Madison is a new enrichment centre located at Marine Parade Central, just above the McDonald's. The centre combines montessori and Reggio Emilia approach in early childhood education in their programmes and provides enrichment programme for children 18 months to 6 years old.

Before the start of the class, the children were led into a classroom for water and sand play! The theme covered for this class was underwater adventure!

There was a short break and the children proceeded with English class, with Teachers Mr Andrej and Ms 'Ifwah. The theme covered was still Underwater adventure and the teachers taught the children about sharing through a story. 

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary - Salt Grill & Sky Bar

It's been a long long time since Hubby & I have our couple time together. 
Prior to our 6th Wedding Anniversary in November, Hubby actually requested my parents if they can take some time off to help us mind our two boys for 24 hours! My mother said yes and so Hubby went ahead to plan a date full of surprises!
He told me to prepare the passports, bring along my makeup pouch and we don't need anything else. He promised that he will buy everything else that I required. (WOW! By now, I am still so in love and touched! My Hubby is SO MAN!) (Guys, it really pays off if you treat your wifey well!!!)
I had thought he was bringing me to Johor for a twenty-four hours getaway, but as he drove on, I kept on asking him "Hey! this direction don't need the passports leh!" Turned out that he was bringing me to the Salt Grill & Sky Bar for afternoon tea! Salt Grill & Sky Bar is located on the 55 and 56 levels of Ion Orchard.

We were seated right in front of one of t…

Cinnamon Apple and Raisins Muffins

Since I started baking only less than two months ago, I am hooked. My children are hooked too. My elder boy will dictate to me, what to bake each day! We have moved on from the Pandan Yogurt Cakes and now, he will actually requested for both the Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins and this Cinnamon Apple & Raisins Muffins in the same day! 
Today, I am sharing yet another of our favorites, the Cinnamon Apple and Raisin recipe! THIS, is again so yummy, and I love to think that it's not very unhealthy since I made tweaks to the recipe for more wholesome goodness! 

Originally adapted from here
Ingredients Required  240g All Purpose Flour 7.5ml Baking Powder (1 and 1/2 tsp using measuring spoon) 2.5ml of Salt (1/2 tsp using measuring spoon) 10ml of Cinnamon Powder (2 tsp using measuring spoon) 240g of chopped apples (coat with 10g flour & 5g cinnamon powder) 120ml of Canola Oil 100g Sugar 2 Eggs 10ml Vanilla Extract (2 tsp using measuring spoon) 120ml of Meiji Chocolate Milk100g dr…