Tollyjoy to The World + Giveaway

Last month, Little Brother Kyne received a very nice and big hamper from Tollyjoy! We would like to say a Big Thank You to the people at Tollyjoy for sending us such a wonderful hamper with many useful items!

We received a hamper of useful items from Tollyjoy

Would it surprise you to know that Tollyjoy is founded in Singapore and has been around for 43 years now?! I can't believe that for the last five years where i had been using Tollyjoy products, I didn't realised that Tollyjoy is actually the first and only local Singapore brand of its kind to provide a comprehensive range of mother care and baby care products, of which, a sizable amount are manufactured in house by their own production team! 

The wide range of product categories that Tollyjoy carries range from baby wear, feeding, hygiene, play and more

The hamper that we received contains many useful items hand picked for our little brother. Which I thought it's a good idea to pack a hamper of Tollyjoy items for a new mom or baby next time. It will be quite different from the usual diaper cakes gift hampers and contains other useful items for a new mom & baby. :) 

the front & back of the hamper revealed!

we have received quite a handful of useful products from Tollyjoy!

I am happy to find my favorite Tollyjoy products within the hamper! I had been using Tollyjoy Baby Accessories & Vegetable Cleanser since Big Brother was born. It uses a vegetable based formula for cleaning feeding utensils as well as vegetables to allow for healthy eating! It has also won the Singapore Mother & Baby Awards 2011 and Parents World Best of the Best 2014!

Tollyjoy Baby accessories & vegetable cleanser (S$9.90), Baby Laundry Detergent (S$4.90) 

The other favorite product is the Baby Laundry Detergent in powder form, which comes in floral or ocean scent. This powerful triple-enzyme system is tough on stubborn stains and gentle on fabrics and hands! It's suitable for both front loading or top loading washing machines as well, and what's more important is that it's very cheap at only S$4.90 per kg!

Another surprise is this pair of shoes from Tollyjoy! It has since become Little Brother's most favorite pair of shoes as it's very easy to put on and he could wear it the whole day with no complaints! I like the fact that it can allow a big opening to put the foot in and out easily and that Little Brother actually can put on and take off this pair of shoes himself! Given the fact that babies outgrow their shoes very quickly, I am the kind of economical stay home mom who doesn't mind to buy affordable shoes for my child and when they wore off, it's also time to upgrade to another bigger pair of affordable shoes. ;p

Sneaker with Velcro & Mocklace in Brown Corduroy (S$12.90)

Tollyjoy shoes in other designs

Tollyjoy shoes in other designs

Also in the hamper is a BPA free milk bottle, travel toiletries, liquid talc, wet wipes (in both big pack or travel size pack) and water bottle! I didn't realised that Tollyjoy carries liquid talc too! Pediatricians recommend using liquid talc instead powdered talc to prevent babies from inhaling the small powdered particles. Tollyjoy liquid talc is like a lotion and is easily absorbed into skin.  

clockwise from top: 8oz PP Wide Neck Bottle (S$8.90), Travel Tolietries Pack (2 in 1 hair & Body Wash 100ml + Bath 100ml + Talc 80gm + Lotion 100ml) (S$7.90),  Fresh & Clean Baby Wet Wipes 84s/Box (S$6.90), Refreshing Baby Wet Wipes 30s x 2 Travel Packs (S$3.00), Training Cup with Soft Silicone Straw (S$7.50), Baby Liquid Talc 100ml (S$6.90)

Another surprise find was this Tollyjoy huge and yet lightweight diaper bag that comes with many internal and external pockets! I am always on the lookout for big roomy bags with wide opening so I can search for whatever I need easily & quickly. It is perfect for me as it comes with a longer carry straps which allows me to carry on my shoulder while carrying Little Brother and also holding on to Big Brother hand while we are out. Top has full zipper closure, so I will not be afraid that contents may spill out too! The pockets are really useful to organise my children's stuffs easily too!

Nursery Bag (S$24.90)

I went to check, they have the nursery bags in other designs too!

I love this messenger bag design too!
Tollyjoy nursery bag in another design

Lastly, we also received a Tollyjoy portable drying rack that can be folded flat into a very compact and portable low box! We just need to open and set it up and it become a useful drying rack! This is good for travelling or if you need to stay somewhere temporary like going for chalets or staycations. It's also good if you are looking at buying a drying rack to put at your mom's or in-law's home, where the rack can be folded when it's not required. 

Portable Drying Rack (S$7.90)

And yes, one thing I extremely love about Tollyjoy is that we can easily find Tollyjoy baby products! You won't miss their products on the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets, I like the convenience Tollyjoy provides that allows me to buy the baby products I need as I do my groceries shopping! Tollyjoy products are available in major departmental stores, supermarkets, hypermarket, baby specialty stores and online retailers like,, and 

{G}{I}{V}{E}{A}{W}{A}{Y}  {T}{I}{M}{E}

Thank you Tollyjoy for being so generous! I am pleased to say that I am able to share the joy with my readers too! Tollyjoy will be giving away 2 Tollyjoy hampers covering 0-24 months, 1 for a baby boy and 1 for a baby girl! Follow the steps in the Rafflecopter app below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions
  • Contest is open to Singapore-based residents only. Winner should have a valid Singapore address for the hamper to be delivered to
  • Only one winner per household
  • Entries that did not specify the baby's gender will be disqualified
  • Contest starts on 13 Nov and ends on 22 Nov at 2359pm
  • Winners will be announced on blog & facebook, and will be contacted via email 

More Information

Founded in 1971 in Singapore, Tollyjoy is a company principally involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Baby Care and Mother Care Products under its brands of Tollyjoy and Little Precious. In line with Tollyjoy’s tagline of ‘for the baby you love’, Tollyjoy is committed to setting the high bar in the industry with the safety, durability and reliability of their products. For the past 4 decades, our mission has been to provide only the best for your baby and yourself. This, we have achieved through stringent quality control across our design, manufacturing and marketing processes, and having achieved the quality mark of ISO9001 in 1996.

Disclaimer: Little Brother was gifted the above mentioned Tollyjoy products for review purposes. I am not obliged to do a blog post if I do not find the product beneficial. No other form of compensation was involved and all opinions and images are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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