Mommy, Can I Brush My Teeth One More Time?

When i heard that from my boy, I believed some magic must have happened on him!

As advised from the "My Toothbrushing Diary" that Kyle brought home from the Health Promotion Board, his first set of teeth should last my child till he is about 12 - 13 years old. Therefore, tooth brushing becomes a very important part of dental care for the little ones, to help them remove dental plaque and food debris from the teeth and preventing tooth decay!

I followed the four tips in the booklet to make tooth brushing fun for my child:
  1. Introduce toothbrushing to him by reading stories about it to him. If you have no idea which books are good, you can refer to the 10 best children's books on brushing your teeth, and borrow them from our public libraries! I also look for videos on Youtube to show my boy, one such nice video is Crawford the Cat.  
  2. Let my child be comfortable with the idea of tooth brushing. I used to have to resort to scolding and threatening him to brush his teeth which ended up with him crying and me pulling my hair. Then i went to buy some dental tools like a mouth mirror & a tooth explorer for him to make tooth brushing like an adventure. I even asked him to brush my teeth for fun!
  3. Using cartoons products to interest him and allow him to look forward to using them! I bought fluoride toothpaste and toothbrushes with his favorite cartoon characters! 
  4. Play his favorite piece of music while he is brushing. But this didn't work out for us as his favorite songs are pop songs. He will sing along with the music and you know, singing while brushing teeth is disastrous! 
But after the tremendous effort I put in, I am amazed at the number of excuses he can give me to delay toothbrushing! My boy is still not motivated and doesn't look forward to tooth brushing and some days, I have to resort to bribing or threatening him just to make him brush his teeth! 

Very recently, I was introduced to the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B. We can simply download this app from the Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play and the best part is the app is FREE!

Image from Oral B

The first day i introduced the app to Kyle, immediately after brushing, I was so surprised he actually asked me "Mommy, can i brush my teeth one more time?"

You want to know what magic the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B has?

we can create a profile for child and select his favorite ©Disney or ©MARVEL avatar

next, we are able to use the camera to scan the child's toothbrush to unlock special album

we revealed the Cars ©Disney/Pixar album!

the app will tell the child to get ready and start brushing his teeth

as he brushes, the toothbrush on the screen will reveal a new image behind

When the time is up and toothbrushing is completed, the app displays
fireworks, cheers and also showed achievements unlocked on screen

child can browse through the albums he has unlocked

he earns sticker every time he brushes

And guess what? The next day, I didn't have to nag at Big Brother to brush his teeth! He actually came to remind me himself, that it's time to brush his teeth and he requested for the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B too!

Here's a video to show you how the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B works:

For more information, you can visit the below websites:

Disclaimer: We were invited by OMY Singapore to trial the Oral-B products for review purposes. We were gifted Oral-B toothbrushes for my children to try. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise indicated.

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