Learning Through Play Date #5

After the previous very successful and engaging play date, I had felt a little pressured in engaging theses little bosses, actually only two difficult bosses to be exact. In organising this play date, we wanted to cover the senses Sight, and trust me, sight alone is not an easy topic to bring across!

Theme: Senses     Topics: Sight by matching, imitating, colors

Audience: 2 eighteen months old toddlers, Rainy and Little Brother Kyne

Our Informal Lesson Plan flowed as followed:

1. Good Morning Song 

2. Music & Exercise Time 

3. Shopping and Cooking Time

I had prepared a huge box of plastic food items and took pictures of them individually prior to the play date. I showed the picture via my mobile phone one by one and asked the toddlers to help me picked them out from the box of ingredients. 

Baby Rainy got the concept more quickly and she was quick to finding the ingredient that matches the photo.

Next, I gave the children each a set of utensils and asked them to watch and follow what I was doing - preparing and making drinks for mummy! They were impatient to wait for my instructions and they were very very cute. 

first we pour this ingredient, then we stir, next we add another ingredient and stir again ;p

I also gave to them each a set of knife and some toy fruits that they can cut. I demonstrated 
once and they help to cut the rest of the fruits. 

the 19 months olds love hands on activities. they can focus better if they are working using their hands.
And of course, needless to say, it's difficult to get them to listen and follow instructions. Initially, i had wanted them to watch how i cook a "dish" and follow suit. But it ended up as a free play for cooking. The 19 months olds love to cook! 

4. Matching Game

Previously I had downloaded some toddlers matching activities from The Measured Mom. I had printed, cut and laminated them for this play date. This is the first time both the 19 months old attempted to do matching of this sort. 

Again, Baby Rainy is faster to understand concept and she took the lead to try to match the pictures

Baby Rainy matching the animals board

somehow, Baby Kyne prefers the Transportation Board and here's him trying to match the transports

5. Colors and Art with Do-A-Dot Art

I introduced the 19 months old to the Do-A-Dot-Art Markers. I showed them a rainbow picture that Big Brother Kyle drew months ago, and asked the toddlers to help me to find the markers that correspond to the color I am pointing to. Then we guided them to trace their own rainbows. After the rainbows were completed, we left them to dot free and easy on their own papers. :) 

we were also helping them to develop their motor skills to prepare for writing in future. ;p

Baby Rainy with her dot art

little brother kyne with his dot art. 

If you like what we are doing, you can take a look at our previous learning through play dates too. 

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