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Learning Through Play Date #5

After the previous very successful and engaging play date, I had felt a little pressured in engaging theses little bosses, actually only two difficult bosses to be exact. In organising this play date, we wanted to cover the senses Sight, and trust me, sight alone is not an easy topic to bring across!
Theme: Senses     Topics: Sight by matching, imitating, colors
Audience: 2 eighteen months old toddlers, Rainy and Little Brother Kyne
Our Informal Lesson Plan flowed as followed:

1. Good Morning Song
2. Music & Exercise Time
3. Shopping and Cooking Time
I had prepared a huge box of plastic food items and took pictures of them individually prior to the play date. I showed the picture via my mobile phone one by one and asked the toddlers to help me picked them out from the box of ingredients. 

Next, I gave the children each a set of utensils and asked them to watch and follow what I was doing - preparing and making drinks for mummy! They were impatient to wait for my instructions and they w…

Disney Magic at Changi Airport

Are you going away this year end holiday?
Well, whether you are or you are not, we can still treat our children (and adults) to some magical experience at the Changi Airport Terminal 3, where we can enter into the magical cartoon world! 
A sprinkling of snow; a touch of winter and a dazzle of Disney magic will welcome travellers and visitors this Christmas, as Changi Airport transforms into a winter wonderland, bringing yuletide festivities to life! Following the popularity of its annual year-end celebrations, Changi Airport will once again be pulling all stops to bring happiness to its visitors, and this time, with the company of all-time favourites – Mickey Mouse and Friends. 
From 14 November 2014 to 5 January 2015, soak in the Christmas festivities at Changi Airport as it transforms into a magical holiday wonderland with an elaborate Disney-themed set-up. Travellers and visitors will be treated to fun-filled activities while indulging in a jet-setting winter experience around the wor…

Live Shows and Meet & Greets Happening this Year End School Holidays 2014

Year end holidays are always full of fun filled activities and actions!

Many of my friends had asked me if i knew which malls are having Live Shows and Meet & Greet and thus I am putting together what I know that's happening at theses malls this year end holidays! I will be updating the list as I go along. :) Hope this list will be helpful!

1. CBeebies Live! Countdown to Christmas at Plaza Singapura

Dates: 21 November to 7 December 2015 (every Tuesday off)  Venue: Plaza Singapura Main Atrium on Level 1 Time: Mon to Fri (no show on Tue): 1pm & 7pm Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm  Duration:  20-minute
Spend min. $30 to redeem a photo pass with your favourite Teletubbies or Super Numtum after the show! Meet & Greet Zing Zillas on 27 to 30 Nov and 6 & 7 Dec
From 21 November to 7 December at the mall’s Main Atrium on Level 1, these 20-minute number-crunching Christmas shows will bring together several CBeebies stars live on stage, including the first-ever stage appearance of …

Which Teeth Do You Want to Keep?

"You Don't Have to Brush All Your Teeth, Just The Ones You Want to Keep"
- unknown author
I found the above quote from the internet two years ago, when Big Brother Kyle started asking (and arguing) with me about why we had to brush our teeth. Instead of arguing with him or demanding him to brush his own teeth, I always just tell him the above quote and this is a very powerful sentence, for it's very difficult for a child to decide which teeth he doesn't want to keep!

I introduced toothbrushing to my children as soon as they are able to sit and walk steadily. For my second born Little Brother Kyne, it's so much easier as he only started erupting his first tooth at 13 months old! Back when i only had one child, that is my elder boy, i introduced to him the finger brush, followed by the different types of brush heads for different months old, before he finally used a proper toothbrush at 2 years old!

Having had experiences with battling toothbrushing with my eld…

Tollyjoy to The World + Giveaway

Last month, Little Brother Kyne received a very nice and big hamper from Tollyjoy! We would like to say a Big Thank You to the people at Tollyjoy for sending us such a wonderful hamper with many useful items!

Would it surprise you to know that Tollyjoy is founded in Singapore and has been around for 43 years now?! I can't believe that for the last five years where i had been using Tollyjoy products, I didn't realised that Tollyjoy is actually the first and only local Singapore brand of its kind to provide a comprehensive range of mother care and baby care products, of which, a sizable amount are manufactured in house by their own production team! 

The hamper that we received contains many useful items hand picked for our little brother. Which I thought it's a good idea to pack a hamper of Tollyjoy items for a new mom or baby next time. It will be quite different from the usual diaper cakes gift hampers and contains other useful items for a new mom & baby. :) 

I am hap…