Learning Through Play Date #4

Since we started the Learning Through Play dates, both Mommy Cloudy and I took turns to plan each week's play date and Playdate #4 is planned by Cloudy! 

Introduction to Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Hot

Can i say, it's a really fantastic play date where both toddlers were glued and very engaged throughout?! I had thought initially that the little ones will not be keen in food tasting but to our surprises, they actually look forward and is anticipating the disclosure of the next food item!

Theme: Senses     Topics: Tastes, Cutting with Bread Knife, Self Feeding and Recap on Sounds
Audience: 2 eighteen months old toddlers, Rainy and Little Brother Kyne
Our Informal Lesson Plan flowed as followed:

1. Good Morning Song 

2. Music & Exercise Time 

3. Introduction to Sour
Mommy Cloudy prepared three types of sour food for the little ones to explore and taste. The little ones were very curious to hold the lime and lemon. And they were very excited to hold the bread knife to attempt to cut the fruits themselves! We could only demonstrate once how to cut the fruits and they simply refused to return the knives to us, even when they obviously are not cutting the fruits! LOL!

They were touching, exploring and cutting limes

i love this memory, Kyne's first taste of the lime

and Rainy is so smart! she smelt the lime and simply refuse to taste it!

The little ones holding and exploring their own lemons

Kyne is more curious with the cut fruits while rainy prefers to continue "cutting" hers

See how they played with the cut lemons

Kyne's first tasting of lemon. LOL

Rainy's reaction to tasting lemon

Next up is this plain yogurt...

they were so eager and couldn't wait for us to reveal and open the next food for them

Kyne just kept eating the yogurt and asked for more, i was so puzzled so
i took a mouthful too but OMG! The yogurt is very sour!

Rainy showed the it's so sour look, but she also couldn't stop eating the yogurt!

4. Introduction to Sweet 
For Sweet, Mommy Cloudy prepared a small bowl of honey and cubed watermelons for the little ones! All children loves sweet stuffs, especially this two little ones! We had to step in for the honey, as they wouldn't stop!

the two of them were quick, mouthful after mouthful of honey

he looked so kissable!

Rainy loves the honey so much too!

Watermelon had them seated quietly and really focus on eating... I didn't realise Kyne's self feeding skills were so good!

5. Introduction to Bitter
What's a better way than giving them one bittergourd to explore and taste? 

They were curious what this huge long food item is, and were exploring how to cut it

babies look really cute when they are so engrossed in something very adult!

They touched the texture, dug the insides, played with the seeds of the bittergourd

I realised that while Kyne doesn't like sudden movements, loud noises and dirtying his hands, he is very adventurous when comes to trying new foods!

Lol, rainy on the other hand is very smart, she smelt the doesn't want to taste the bitter gourd at all, mommy cloudy had to keep encouraging till she tried! and obviously, rainy didn't like it!

6. Introduction to Hot & Minty
Mommy Cloudy took out big chilli and chilli padi for the little ones to touch and explore. As well as mint leaves & lemongrass! 

Disclaimer: No children were harm in any ways. We were watching over closely and none of them tasted chilli. Kyne was able to imitate me to do the "it's so spicy" face. ;p Rainy, as usual is very smart. She knew we were trying hard to trick her and she could smiled back to us!

letting them touched and played with mint leaves

mommy cloudy prepared mint drinks for them to try and LOL at Kyne's reaction. He actually pretended to cough after sipping and he kept sipping and pretending to cough!

Rainy seems to love the mint drink!

Kyne exploring, playing, smelling and chewing the lemongrass. 

Rainy is playing the lemongrass too

7. Recap on Making Sounds + Free Play
To end the play date, Mommy Cloudy took out some of the toys that can make sounds to recap on the previous week's sound play and we just let them have their free play. :) 

Both Kyne and Rainy actually passed the items to one another to indicate for the other party to try to make the sounds too. 

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