Kyle's Chinese Learning Journey at KidStartNow

Since the english speaking Big Brother joined the holiday chinese camp ran by KidStartNow last year, he had suddenly developed an interest in Chinese and even requested to go back to KidStartNow to attend their term classes! 

In a blink of an eye, Kyle will be completing his 4th term with KidStartNow! Wow! I remember I started bringing Big Brother to their classes with his seven months old little brother and now, while Big Brother is attending his chinese class, i am outside chasing the little active brother who is running and climbing all over the place! How time flies! 

Did I tell you that somewhere in August this year, KidStartNow has setup a mini library for Students! Students can now borrow a book home to read and return the following week! They have some books translated from popular english titles like "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and series from "Spot the Dog" too. I appreciate this initiative to help us expose the children to more mandarin at home and also allow the children to contact Chinese via popular english stories that they are very familiar with! 

Little Brother is also very interested with the Mini Library, whenever I could,
I actually take the opportunity to read to him while waiting for Big Brother too!

Looking through my past posts about Big Brother's chinese learning progress over the year, I feel so pleased! The english (only) speaking boy is now not only able to initiate and hold conversations in mandarin, he actually found out and learnt the chinese names of all the superheroes that he loved! He loves testing others if they knew what Hulk is called in Chinese! Do you know? ;p He can now also read and write chinese characters too! I know this is not a big wow thing for many 5 years olds. But if your child only speaks English, KidStartNow can really help you to break that barrier, to help your child gain interests & confidence in Mandarin and love the language! 

In my boy's case, though he is very strong in english communication, however till to date, despite me reading books daily with him, he is still not able to read english at all. He can only write english words by me dictating the alphabets, letters by letters, to him and I even had to use my little finger to help him with spacing! So I really can't imagine what it will be like for us, if I didn't allowed him to attend Chinese lessons with KidStartNow. He will probably be very far behind his peers in both languages!

I am looking forward to Kyle attending the K2 programme next year! They will be introducing and including Han Yu Pin Yin in the lessons, and help me further build his confidence in Chinese Language to prepare him for Primary School in the Chinese Subject. 

Sharing is Loving! Just for those who are keen, this December School Holidays, KidStartNow will be running their widely acclaimed Holiday Camp again! I know that they don't have many slots left, so act fast if you are keen!

This year, parents can expect the children to embark on an exciting Christmas adventure at KidStartNow’s 4-days Chinese oral camp, suitable for 3-6 and 7-9 year old kids. The camp, which is focused on improving oral confidence, will help the children to develop an interest in Mandarin and confidence in listening and speaking Chinese, through the animated storybooks and role playing. Like the camp which Kyle has attended last year, during the camp, the teachers will assess the kids' proficiency in Chinese and give kids activities and role-playing roles depending on their standards, ensuring that all the kids are well engaged. Also in this year's year end camp, the children will be able to learn about leadership and collaboration, as well as important values such as sharing and forgiveness!


Day 1: Magical World Christmas is here!
When playing outside, Jack and Friends accidentally fall into a tree stump and are transported into a magical world. What will happen next?

Day 2: The Magical Tree
Jack and Friends are amazed by the Magical Tree. Its branches turn into presents! But they are ambushed by Snatcher the wolf, who steals all their gifts. What will they do now?

Day 3: Pirate Panda, Please Help Us!
Jack and Friends turn to Pirate Panda for help! They blast off on the adventure of a lifetime to retrieve their presents. Will they catch Snatcher?

Day 4: ‘Tis the season for sharing
Showdown with Snatcher! How will Jack and Friends get their presents back? A touching conclusion awaits…

You can click here to download the brochure for more details about their holiday camp. Please contact them directly for available slots left.

Image extracted from KidStartNow's Holiday Camp Brochure. There is a group discount for signing up two child or more. 

More Information about KidStatNow

Address: CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, #02-09, Singapore 339407 (Nearest MRT Station: Lavender)
Phone: (+65) 6444-8280 / 6444-6310 / 9820-7272

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