The Things He Said

When i was driving and stopped at a traffic junction.

K: mommy, why Auntie closed her eyes?

Me: huh? Where?

I looked around and then i realized that a Nippon Van was right beside us and on the van was this advertisement!

image from nippon paint facebook page

Me: haha! It's not an auntie! This is an uncle! He is a man!

K: huh?

Me: yes, he is a very fat man, you know, so fat that's why you thought he is a woman.

K: but why is uncle's eyes closed? What did he do? Why is he blind?

Me: Oh! He didn't closed his eyes! Can't you see he got open his eye? Haha! Uncle is so fat until his eyes become very small.. Uncle is not blind!

Light turned green and I drove on..

K: NOOOO! but uncle is blind! Why he cannot see us?

Me: -_-||| hmmm... oh you see, uncle left already! can we don't talk about him? Mommy is driving, i need to concentrate ok?

Post by Miracule.

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