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I started shopping with Agape Babies when Big Brother Kyle was a few months old. Then, they were a seller in the Singapore Motherhood Bulk Purchase Forum Group. Then I had been regularly purchasing organic pasta, organic pasta sauces with low salt content, baby puffs and yogurts for that baby that mean the whole world to me (he still means the whole world to me, just that now i have two babies that means the world to me!) I was weaning him to solids and wanted to give him the best!

Now, I feel very happy that Karen, the founder of Agape Babies has bring it to the next level it is today - an established one stop online shopping platform!

Since Baby Kyne is growing up now and he has move on to eating solids of exactly what we are eating, I made it a point to cook healthy with no salt etc that can be harmful to a young developing body. So i went online to to look for organic foodstuffs suitable for babies and boy, the site has grew tremendously and expanded their product offerings by SO MUCH, covering categories from Bath & Baby Care, Formula Milk & Feeding, Diapers & Care, Gears & Carriers, Toys & Books and products for Moms!

brands that Agape Babies are carrying (image credit: Agape Babies) is also now a multi-store, you can shop at Agape Babies and Sunshine Kids and do a single checkout with your shopping loots from both stores! They are looking to add on new stores and hope to see even more products from them in the near future!

Tips for shopping at Agape Babies:

  • They offers a huge range of products, with over 100 brands and 2000 products in store. Their speciality is in California Baby products! Happy Browsing! 
  • They also carry diapers and milk formula of brands such as Huggies, Mamypoko, GOO.N, Friso, Similac, Gain IQ, Pediasure and more! Add on theses in your purchases to save your trouble to lugging theses heavy and bulky items home yourself!
  • Currently they offer free courier delivery with $80 spend and a free disney stationery set is given with every $120 purchase! 
  • Sign up for their newsletter to stay tuned of promotions, contests and giveaways!

I happily shopped and finalised my orders in the wee hours on a Friday morning and guess what? The delivery was arranged so promptly the following day, which is a Saturday! My delivery was via delivery company TaQBin and was scheduled between 9am to 12pm on Saturday but as usual, with TaQBin, the delivery guy came at 1245pm! I had expected it to be worst, so at that timing, it is considered prompt delivery to me. ;p

A parcel delivered right to our doorstep

from Agape Babies

our shopping loots!

I love how nicely they wrapped and protected the food containers

tadah~ I bought organic pasta, organic pasta sauces, organic strawberry jam, organic spaghetti, chinese books with audio CDs! 

Have you buy anything from Agape Babies before? If yes, what are your favorite good buys? Share with me so that I can look out for them on my next purchase. :)

And it's sharing time! If you need to buy some babies and kids essentials, why not try shopping at

From now till 30 Sept 2014, simply quote my blog name "miracule" upon checkout to be entitled to a 5% discount! 

Do note that discounts excludes sales category, breast pumps, diapers and milk though!

About Agape Babies

Agape means unconditional love (Greek origin; 1600-10), which is the motto that all mummies in the world live by to their little bundles of joy. At Agape Babies store, all the products live by the same motto as well. 

Agape Babies retails premium & authentic brands of baby products. Today, they carry over 100 brands and over 2000 products in their humble store. Thanks to the support of their fans & customers, they have expanded their range to include skincare, carriers, organic baby food and many more! They place a lot of focus on getting in the most popular brands, the ones that mummies can't stop raving about. They also ensure to price their products reasonably too! 

In 2013, they partnered with Sunshine Kids (a kids fashion company), to create this multi-store platform to allow customers to shop from different stores in one checkout. They strive to provide a one-stop service to all mummies out there. Their passion lies in being part of your parenting journey as you watch your child grow.

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