Monday, August 11, 2014

The Things He Said

During a Kidstartnow class, i was waiting with other parents waiting in the reception area as usual. The TV was connected to the classroom so we were able to see and hear what's happening inside the class.

Teacher Lee asked the students if anyone can tell her why should we eat vegetables?

One of the student said very loudly "因为营养!"

At that particular moment, every parent outside stopped chatting or whatever we were doing, including me as I was busy with Baby Kyne.

The parents were exclaiming "Wah! 他 knows the word 营养!" 

And I couldn't contained my curiosity so I asked one of the mum which child say that!

Turned out it was my child Kyle! I was astonished! How did he picked up that word? I think the teacher must have mentioned it the week before.

Haha, Kyle has the problem of keep repeating the same question such as "这是什么?" pointing to the same thing to the teacher, many times in the same lesson. In fact he has this problem for every lesson. ;p It's not because he can't remember I feel. It's just him. :)

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