Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Brought to you by National Parks and Gardens by the Bay

For those who read my blog or follow me on Facebook, will know that I grow my own vegetables. This year, happening right now for 9 days from 16 to 24 August 2014, is our very own Singapore Garden Festival(SGF)! This is the fifth time the biennial event is held, showcasing creations from the world's top award winning garden and floral designers under one roof.

Sharing some tips if you are going to the SGF:
  • Bring your highest end camera! Remember your memory cards and batteries as you will be taking thousands of beautiful pictures! 
  • No worries about rain or hot sun as a most of the exhibits are housed in the special tentage area, in air conditioner blast to High (i think so that the flora can be maintained). 
  • Just to share my camera fogged when i came out of the tentage area into the hot sunny Singapore gardens. I am not sure how to prevent that from happening but i have to wait for 15 minutes before i can take pictures again. The aircon was quite cold when i was there in the mornings. 
  • You might need a sweater for the little and old ones
  • Bring along some ponchos to facilitate you to walk outside, only if its raining
  • As with all attractions in Singapore, better to go early in the morning when it just open to avoid the crowd. Weekdays might be better but it seems like there are many local organised group tours
  • We spent almost 4 hours at SGF and the Flower Dome so remember to bring lots of water for your little ones. I shared a bottle with hubby and it was not enough. The nearest place to buy bottled drinks is at the Children's Garden!
  • If your child is the type that will ask you to carry after hours of walking, bring along his kick scooter if you have one! It will surely help make his and your visit a happier and easy one. He can use it when outdoors, moving from point to point
children or adults, both will be mesmerized by the displays all around

Be treated to a visual fiesta of exquisite garden and floral displays, created by more than 30 internationally acclaimed garden and floral designers:

1) 15 Fantasy and Landscape Show Gardens

Featuring approximately 80 sqm creations by top award winning gardening luminaries from around the world. Be amazed by a spectacular display of sheer brilliance.

My favorite of the landscape Gardens: From Top: Sacred Grove (United Kingdom), Full Circle (United Kingdom)

Fantasy Gardens is a must see

2) 14 Floral Windows to the World

Colourful and vibrant cut-flower displays and floral masterpieces with stunning set design and lighting! Admire an enchanting display of beautiful flowers, creatively and delicately designed by celebrated local and international floral designers.

3) 7 Celebrations! Floral Table Series (New Element)

Learn how you can bring your table floral arrangements to life in our delightful exhibition that is sure to be a visual treat! This segment features table top floral displays, themed "Celebrations!" and created with fresh flowers, cutlery and decorative accessories. This is a new competitive category at SGF and feature two competition categories for professionals and amateurs. 

Table Top Display, clockwise from top left: Miracle Dining Table,  Enchanted Night, Gazebo Exotica and Dining in Mangrove

4) 6 Miniature Garden Displays (New element)

Also new at this year SGF, is the Miniature Garden which is a hobby fast gaining popularity in USA. Be treated to the miniature gardens created by the winners from the Philadelphia Flower Show, which are intricately designed with miniature plants and furniture.

5) Balcony Gardens

Let the colourful and creative displays inspire you to transform your own balcony into a soothing personal retreat for the senses.

6) Marketplace @ Supertree Grove

With over 80 stalls offering a wide array of plants, gardening and landscape products & services, and art & crafts for sale. There were beautiful easy to take care flowering plants starting from S$3.90 that only requires minimal sunlight! So perfect for our new housing!

7) Orchid Extravaganza at the Flower Dome

Your ticket to the SGF will also include admission into the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay! Not to be missed, this showcase of rice & diverse orchids from all around the world leave all in awe! There is also a gallery of competition orchids by Orchid Society of South East Asia.

It is with great pity that i couldn't get up close with a koala baby kyne hugging me. :( as you can see from picture, a lot of people wants to take pictures of the orchids!

 Sharing some images of other exhibits that I really like from general displays:

miniature gardens

Kyle in a mini green house

Interesting roof top greenery facts but hahahah, i deliberately make it unreadable so that you can go to SGF yourself to read about it! ;p

our favorite place is this children's room in General Display, Home Garden! 

with the children's room are some very cute plants: elephant ear plant, crocodile fern, caterpillar leaves and bunny dwarf!

How nice is this display? Making use of obsolete technology product and create a garden within!

vibrant, colourful and cute outdoor dispplays

The Sound of Forest at the Learning Garden
really beautiful outdoor displays at the learning garden, looks like some good relaxing vacation place hor?

really beautiful outdoor displays at the learning garden

really beautiful outdoor displays at the learning garden

my favorite flower of the day.. but alas! my pea brain forgot the name which i tried to remember!

Click here to find out how to get there

To celebrate the Festival’s debut at Gardens by the Bay, SGF tickets have been specially priced for local residents to visit both the Festival and the Flower Dome Conservatory for the same price as previous shows. All Singaporean seniors (≥60yrs with pink ICs) will also be entitled to a 20% discount off Weekday Local Residents Rate (i.e. $4 per ticket after discount) in celebration of the Pioneer Generation's contribution to Singapore’s nation-building.Valid from 18 – 22 Aug only. 

Show Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily 
Conservatories Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm daily 

All Gardens by the Bay Conservatory tickets dated between 16-24 August will be allowed entry into Singapore Garden Festival 2014

More information can be found at here

*Singapore citizens, permanent residents and those living in Singapore, including those holders of employment passes, work permits or dependent passes. Proof of residency may be required when purchasing tickets or upon entry.

Bring your camera when you visit Singapore Garden Festival from 16 to 24 August! Submit your photos taken with the theme “Colours” by 7 September and you could win prizes from Canon!

Winning photos are decided by a panel of judges but have your friends vote for you as there are prizes for voters too! Winners will be announced via Facebook in end September.

For more information, please visit and

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