Looking for Mama 小蝌蚪找妈妈 + Giveaway

Coming this September school holidays, though it's just short one week, but there are just too many exciting activities for our little children happening! I am quite excited at what I have arranged for Kyle! I will share them up with you, one by one soon! :D

In this coming September, Paper Monkey Theatre will be presenting a re-run of their sold out performance in March 2014, Looking for Mama 小蝌蚪找妈妈! This is an onstage theatre performed in Mandarin, and there is only two dates available for public booking! This is a good opportunity to expose the children to more Mandarin the interesting way!

Synopsis 简介 :

Little tadpoles are hatched and started their journey looking for Mama. They met different creatures in the pond and asked around, “Where is our Mama? Are you our Mama? ” Everyone tells little tadpoles that their mama looks completely different from they are. Then how does Mama look like? A new production by Paper Monkey Theatre, Looking for Mama tells the adventure of brave little tadpoles in search for their Mama. Follow us on this heartwarming journey as we show-and-tell with drama and handcrafted puppets!

小蝌蚪诞生了! 咦,怎么不见妈妈呢?小蝌蚪于是四处寻找妈妈。 但是,它们不晓得妈妈是什么模样,怎么找呢?在途中遇到了大眼睛的金鱼、白肚皮的螃蟹,可全都不是小蝌蚪的妈妈。它们告诉小蝌蚪,它们的妈妈有一双大眼睛、白肚皮、四条腿,长得一点也不像黑漆漆的小蝌蚪。妈妈到底在哪里呀? 猴纸剧坊另一部新作 –《小蝌蚪找妈妈》将以人偶同台的呈现方式,为孩子们讲述小蝌蚪们在找妈妈的过程中,闹出了多少笑话,又遇到了多少艰难险阻。可别错过这场即温馨,又富有教育意义的人偶剧!快来和小蝌蚪们一同寻找妈妈吧!

The play will be very colorful and lively! (production photos, credits to Paper Monkey Theatre)

Performed in Mandarin, with no English surtitles
Duration approx. 40 minutes, no intermission
Suitable for 5 to 7 years old.


Date: 12th and 13th September (Friday and Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre 90 Goodman Road, Block B #01-05 Singapore 439053
Ticket price: S$15 each

Early Bird Promotion at S$12 each (Ends on 20 Aug 2014)
Book your tickets now at http://lookingformama.peatix.com! Hurry! The public show is only available on two days only!

Giveaway Contest

Paper Monkey Theatre is also very generous to sponsor not One but Two pairs of tickets to giveaway to two lucky winners from my blog!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE before you take part in the contest:

  • Strictly for Singapore only.
  • One winner per household.
  • Tickets won are not for resale and is only valid to the names that you submitted. 
  • One pair of tickets is for the 12th Sept 730pm show and another pair is for the 13th Sept 230pm show. Please join the contest only if you are ok with either timings as it will be a random draw. 
  • The first winner picked by the Rafflecopter App will win the weekend tickets and the second winner picked will win the Friday night tickets. 
  • Giveaway ends on Saturday night, 16 Aug at 1159pm. Winners will be announced on Sunday 17 Aug. If you do not win and is still keen, you can still purchase the tickets at early bird price! (hopefully it's not sold out yet, ;p)  
To win, please follow the instructions on the app below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For enquiry, please contact Paper Monkey Theatre at 6440 5706 or email them at: admin@papermonkey.com.sg

About Paper Monkey Theatre

Paper Monkey Theatre creates theatre productions and workshops infused with puppetry for children and family entertainment, encouraging artistic development and enriching learning experiences. The company is formed in April 2008 helmed by well-known puppeteer/playwright in Singapore, Benjamin Ho, with a vision to create a platform of lasting, meaningful theatrical experiences for both children and adults in Asia.

Find out more about them at www.papermonkey.com.sg
Be sure to follow them at www.facebook.com/PaperMonkeyTheatre for future productions!

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