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What a crazy day in my life looks like

Lately, i started to feel that my days are getting crazier and I am getting more and more tired. I kept short circuiting and am becoming more and more short tempered. :( I even started telling Big Brother that "I am sorry, Mommy is getting crazy." To which, he actually repeated the same thing to me a few times! My boy is a reflection of me!
Thought to share how one of my crazy days looked like, which happened to be yesterday. (I would like to document it down too, so that I can remember how my stay at home days are like.)
The two boys were taking turns having nightmares on Sunday night (which technically is actually Monday wee hours), elder brother kept shouting and kicking everyone on bed, while little brother kept crying, both in their sleep. So i decided to just sleep in and not bring big brother to his preschool, given the disturbed sleep plus the long distance driving required later in the day. 
We woke up with urine leaked on to the bed and pillows, @.@|| so i changed…

The Things He Said

After I bathe and changed little brother, I told him "Go! Go and find Gor Gor! Where is Gor Gor?"
But big Brother who was sitting on the sofa watching the television, replied me instead "Eh! But i am not hiding! I am sitting here!"
Lol!!! I was only asking little brother to join his brother but Big Brother thought that it's a game, and we should only "find" him if he is hiding.

Post by Miracule.

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Fun for Free: Road Safety Community Park Part Two

Some time back, I shared about our fun filled day at the Road Safety Park. It has to be the most interesting and fun place that we ever explored, because every other day, Big Brother Kyle will ask if I am bringing him to the Road Safety Park again. :)

And so, for this #FunforFreeSG National Day Blog Train hosted by another awesome mommy Adora, I just have to share this fun place again, for this place ranked high above the list of places that both me & Big Brother Kyle love most that we don't mind going back, and best is... we did slightly different things each time!

If you are doing some home learning with your child, this is also a great place to bring them to, for there are many teachable moments! For details on location, how to get there and it's opening hours, please kindly click to Fun for Free: Road Safety Community Park Part One.

In our very recent trip to the Road Safety Park, Kyle requested me to role play with him again. We simulated and acted together a few scen…

Our Journey with HeArt Studio + Giveaway

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso
I strongly believe in the above quote. For when i was young like Kyle, i drew very well. I even won in the various art competitions that I joined, all of which I initiated for the registration for the competition myself! I will be sitting down quietly and draw & draw, then I will run to my mother and show her my drawings. Before you go Wah!!! I am sorry, but I cannot draw at all now. My drawings got uglier as I aged. I cannot imagine or visualise when it comes to drawing. And thus, I am no longer an artist.  :(
Since I become a Stay home mom and tried to do some home learning with Kyle. I noticed that he could never sit down with me to do anything, except for painting. He wasn't able to grip pencils or crayons well then, but he loves holding a paintbrush to paint. We just painted and painted and painted at home, at free will. I know he loves art but I have no idea how t…

The Things He Says

I asked Kyle "What do you want to eat later?"

K: 我不知道!
Me: Ok! We go eat the crispy rice ok (referring to the vegetarian chicken rice that I love)
K: I don't want to eat crispy rice! I want the fun! I am so upset now! (all in a funny tone)

And he stomped away... leaving me very puzzled and lost. -__-|||

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Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Brought to you by National Parks and Gardens by the Bay

For those who read my blog or follow me on Facebook, will know that I grow my own vegetables. This year, happening right now for 9 days from 16 to 24 August 2014, is our very own Singapore Garden Festival(SGF)! This is the fifth time the biennial event is held, showcasing creations from the world's top award winning garden and floral designers under one roof.

Sharing some tips if you are going to the SGF:
Bring your highest end camera! Remember your memory cards and batteries as you will be taking thousands of beautiful pictures! No worries about rain or hot sun as a most of the exhibits are housed in the special tentage area, in air conditioner blast to High (i think so that the flora can be maintained). Just to share my camera fogged when i came out of the tentage area into the hot sunny Singapore gardens. I am not sure how to prevent that from happening but i have to wait for 15 minutes before i can take pictures again. The …

It’s a Total Turtle Takeover at City Square Mall!

Oh my! The September school holidays is very short at only a week's break, yet I have lined up many exciting activities for Kyle!

One of them will be this! This September, be prepared to meet the familiar heroes in a half shell – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, at City Square Mall! I know my boy is totally crazy over them since I introduced them to him via the McDonald's Happy Meal toys. We had also brought him to watch the movie very recently and you can imagine how obsessed he has become with the turtles! ;p

I used to think that Ninja Turtles is a boy's thing (cos i wasn't even interested when I was younger!) but boy I was wrong, i have heard from a few of my friends that their daughters are also crazy over this four heroic turtles!

Apart from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live show, there will also be other exciting fringe activities for all within the family, including a first and exclusive 3D Turtles Floor Art.

I will be bringing Kyle on the 6th September, do dr…

Looking for Mama 小蝌蚪找妈妈 + Giveaway

Coming this September school holidays, though it's just short one week, but there are just too many exciting activities for our little children happening! I am quite excited at what I have arranged for Kyle! I will share them up with you, one by one soon! :D

In this coming September, Paper Monkey Theatre will be presenting a re-run of their sold out performance in March 2014, Looking for Mama 小蝌蚪找妈妈! This is an onstage theatre performed in Mandarin, and there is only two dates available for public booking! This is a good opportunity to expose the children to more Mandarin the interesting way!

Synopsis 简介 :

Little tadpoles are hatched and started their journey looking for Mama. They met different creatures in the pond and asked around, “Where is our Mama? Are you our Mama? ” Everyone tells little tadpoles that their mama looks completely different from they are. Then how does Mama look like? A new production by Paper Monkey Theatre, Looking for Mama tells the adventure of brave littl…

Feel Alive at the Alive Museum Singapore

WARNING: This will be the first and probably last time you will see side of me with hilarious poses. (or maybe not) I am actually quite a funny person, but I have also quite successful maintained a good mama image for my children. :P
And, yes! I bring my children many places and I have brought them to the Alive Museum Singapore last Friday! Have you heard about them? 

No? How can???! Alive Museum Singapore is a quirky new attraction located in Suntec City Mall! It is the biggest 3D illusionary museum here that promises to offer the whole family a sensory experience that is fun and unique! Come let your visual, physical and environmental perceptions be tricked, allowing you to bring fantasy to reality. :D Not only can you touch and feel the exhibits at Alive Museum Singapore, you can also hop into the frame and become part of the art masterpieces that play on optical illusions. 
So, last friday, we were waiting for Hubby to meet us at Suntec City in the evening and I also asked my sist…