The Things He Said

The other day little brother messed up the cabinets and took out all our photo albums. So I asked Kyle if he wants to see my wedding photos?

He was damn excited and said "Yes!"

The album was my actual day photos taken by my wedding photographer 1st Journal and Kyle flipped the cover of the album excitedly. After two pages he started to turn angry..

"Mummy where is me? Is this me?" Pointing to my younger cousin who helped to open our wedding car door. I replied "No, that's a Gor Gor! Darling that time don't have you yet, this is mommy's wedding!"

"Nooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!"


For the moment I was stunned. He knew wedding and marry is the same thing! It really felt so sweet, this little boy of mine. He loves watching Shrek and sometimes he will come to me to ask "Mommy! Will you marry me?" 

"No! I cannot marry you! I am married to your daddy already!" 

"Aaaaaaaarghhh!" and he closed the book angrily! "Hmpf! I don't want to talk to you anymore!" and he stomped away.

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