Round the Moon, Blue the Sky

Yesterday, I brought both turning 5 years old Big Brother Kyle and 15 months old Baby Kyne to watch the play "Round the Moon, Blue the Sky"! 

Our cute tickets

Round the Moon, Blue the Sky is a fast-paced, lively and physical production about Smallest Dragon. 
Smallest Dragon is always asking questions, poking her nose into things and curious about the world. Her favorite words are WHY and HOW and WHAT! One night she sees the moon, and wonders why it is the shape that it is. Fascinated, she sets off to find other round things – and quickly realises that there are many other important shapes too. As she explores, she also discovers the wonder of colours! 

Combining a unique blend of physical theatre, riveting puppetry, black light magic and lots of audience interaction, this highly engaging and educational performance is specially tailored for children from 2 to 8 years old; although older children and grownups will find much to amuse, enthral and engage too! 

Us with the Casts from Singapore, Hongkong and Japan. :) 

I brought Baby Kyne along as I am a stay home mum with no help, and I had brought Baby Kyne to watch movies a couple of times. He is a good baby and he will usually sleep through. However, while watching this play, i was amused. Baby Kyne was initially sleeping, but he woke when he heard the music and he was glued throughout! He was quiet and whenever he sees something that amused him, he will point! Whenever one of the characters asked a question, Big Brother Kyle answered together with all the children in the theatre and Baby Kyne pointed his finger and went "Ah! Ahhhh! Ahh!" 

Me and Baby Kyne

Big Brother Kyle was very interactive and he was upset he wasn't chosen when the casts looked for two volunteers to go up to the stage. It's really the FIRST TIME i saw him put both his hands up high in the air and shouted "Me! Me!!! Me!!!! Please chose me!!" I was shocked of his reaction, but I felt very proud of him! :D

Me and Big Brother Kyle taking a selfie while waiting for the show to start. Baby Kyne was still sleeping, and he woke when he hear the music from the show!

Some scenes were engaging and funny, some scenes were very beautiful and magical! The stage set up was simple and yet very colorful. There were surprises hidden in every corner as the characters revealed them one by one. By the way, there was a moon in the play and the moon looked so real and beautiful! It even changes color with the lightings! 

Most importantly, other than being engaging and entertaining, I like that there is an important message repeated a few times in the play, something that is important for children to remember and take away - Look, See, Explore and Discover to find the answers! It ties in with my belief that it's more important that a child learns to explore and discover on his own than a parent or teacher providing all the answers. 

What makes this production unique? 
  • Problem solving and active learning is explored through interactive theatre and storytelling 
  • Creative thinking and application of knowledge 
  • Identification and exploration of shape and colour in a unique environment 
  • Exploration of diverse elements of physical theatre, black light magic, songs and puppetry
Recommendation For Parents:
"Round the Moon, Blue The Sky" is recommended for children from 2 to 8 years old and above. Whilst they do not ban children below 2 years old, ALL children (including babies in arms) DO require a valid ticket to enter. They reserve the right to remove any child that is making excessive noise, or is crying during the event. So, bring your under 2 years old only if you know the child well enough. :)

If you are keen, this play is on until 27 July 2014, Sunday. You may book your tickets from Sistic.

More Information

Image from iTheatre

Event Date:
Mon, 21 - Sun, 27 Jul 2014

Mon - Wed: 10am & 2pm, Thu - Fri: 10am, 2pm & 4pm, Sat & Sun: 10.30am & 2pm


Standard Seating at SGD30 each, excluded booking fees

Disclaimer: We were invited by iTheatre to watch Round the Moon Blue the Sky for review purposes. No other form of compensation was involved. All images and words are my own, unless otherwise stated. 

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