Places to go in Penang: Kek Lok Si

This post is a little late as i went penang almost 3 months ago. But it's better late than never for this is really one very beautiful place that you can consider visiting the next time you go penang. ;) Its a temple yes, but there were many foreigners like Caucasians, Eurasians, Indians and even Malays visiting when I was there!

When i was doing my research, many people have actually recommended going to Kek Lok Si instead of going to the Penang Hill. The main reasons are that both Penang hill are just beside each other but Penang hill is more expensive.  Kek Lok Si, which is reputedly the largest buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, also has a tram ride to connect to the hilltop, available at only RM2 each way, as well as there are many nice gardens and statues within the temple to see. Most importantly,  the view from the top is the same beautiful.  

We took a cab there. There is no meter but we agreed with the driver before we board, and our trip there cost 30 ringgit from georgetown. 

Tip: My advice when travelling in Penang is to take their taxi. None of the taxis we took used the meter so we enquired with the hotel staffs on estimated fares and negotiated with taxi drivers on our own.   

Just see SOME of my pictures taken just on my mobile phone,  and you will know why I am recommending this place. :)

the taxi driver took us straight to the temple which is located at mid hill

beautiful pagoda

i just feel magnificent and extremely peaceful within the temple compound

taken at mid hill

You may also purchase prayer strips at RM2 each to make wishes

be captivated by the many beautiful flowers all over in the temple!

I love looking at beautiful flowers

on the tram ride up

30.2m bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy

so beautiful!

taken by hilltop

how? you like the view?

make a wish bell

buddha in the pagoda

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