Monday, July 14, 2014

Life with an Asperger + The Things He Said

Kyle has been obsessed with Transformers since he was about three years old.

During the beginning of the June Holidays, when we brought him to City Square Mall, we walked pass the Cinema and he saw the transformers movie poster display.

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K: I want to watch now!

Hubby and I took turns explaining to him that we were unable to watch the movie yet because it's not yet showing. We pointed out to him the words that it stated "Coming Soon!" and we will only be able to watch it from 27 June 2014 onwards. We promised that we will surely catch the movie when it's ready to show. 

But we had a hell load of time. The boy couldn't understand and of course, he wouldn't leave! He was very convinced that the movie is available to watch as he was able to view the trailer on the TV just besides the Animated movie poster screen! He kept insisting that we were wrong, and pointed out to us that the movie is ready to watch because he can see it already. Sigh, sometimes i wish technology isn't so advanced till our children seems to be growing up in an irrealistic make believe world. 

We spent quite a long time outside the cinema and we do realised that he wouldn't budge and we couldn't convince him otherwise. And so, we decided to join the queue to buy the tickets for that movie. 

Of course! We weren't able to get any tickets. The staff looked at us and said "The movie is not showing yet."

We can only proved to Kyle that we couldn't get any tickets for the show he wanted to watch. Kyle was very disappointed and upset. He told us "This is lousy ! Let's go to the next one!"


But at least we were able to leave finally!

If we never had the diagnosis and knew that my boy has Asperger Syndrome, we wouldn't be able to understand him better and will deem this kind of behavior as an impossible stubborn spoilt brat. But he is not spoilt. Neither is he unreasonable, once you know how he thinks. He is indeed very naive and straight-thinking. :) He wasn't all wrong you know, the movie is ready to watch just that the filmmaker and cinemas are waiting for the launch date. :D

And from that day onwards, he been drawing at home.

And thankfully, when we brought him to the cinema the weekend after the movie premieres, we couldn't get any tickets because it was sold out! Kyle was yet very understanding and he was ok with us watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 and bringing him again another week to watch Transformers 4 instead.

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  1. Hi there, I am curious... how did you get the diagnosis?

    1. hi dean, through the doctor and psychologist.

      they did an assessment on him after many doctor's appointment and speech & occupational therapies on other issues.

  2. Was he brought to kkh or private? My 7 year old son's teacher suspect him of having mild Asperger....sigh

    1. Hi Lynn, many apologies for missing this message! I brought my son to NUH CDU via a referral from the polyclinic. You can bring your boy to the polyclinic for a referral. :)



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