Let's go 姑妈家!

My mother is the second eldest and she has three younger brothers. Our younger cousins all called her 姑妈, and just like the Lady Boss of Gu Ma Jia who is also a 姑妈 in her family, my mother is also recognised as the best cook among the family. We usually have gatherings at my mum's place where her siblings and all my cousins will also go over to have hearty dinners together over my mum's 家常饭. It feels really great to eat with family over a very homely setting!

So, when our family of four went to Gu Ma Jia for food tasting, we felt at home immediately! The family-owned casual restaurant, located at where the old Macphersons Hawker Centre used to be, gave us the very relaxed and comfortable feeling and most importantly, the lady boss, her family members and staffs were all very friendly and approachable!

Level 1 of Gu Ma Jia with seating capacity of 55 pax

Level 2 of Gu Ma Jia with seating capacity of 70 pax

The walls were filled with family photographs of the Chan Family

Celebrities that visited Gu Ma Jia!

Gu Ma Jia is a family and children friendly restaurant. You can request for baby chairs and children utensils

“Gu Ma Jia”, the Chinese name for “Foodpot”, holds a special meaning for the Chan Family. Aside from having the idea that the food sold are private dishes that the Lady Boss 姑妈 cooks at home, “Gu Ma Jia” also became a second family gathering spot for the Chan Family! 

The dinner we had were also not the usual restaurant dishes. They are very delicious, very 原汁原味 and most importantly, doesn't leave you feeling thirsty after finishing them! Most of the dishes have a surprise element to me! I understand that the lady boss strongly believes in cooking using only the freshest ingredients, so Gu Ma and her culinary team actually hand picked the ingredients from the markets to provide a variety of delectable home-cooked food on the menu! 

So let me present to you... their signature dishes!

Crab Bee Hoon Soup! Price: Seasonal

Just writing this is making me salivating and hungry! THIS IS HEAVENLY CAN!? The huge crab is very fresh, with it's meat separating very easily from its shell! I really love the very springy thick bee hoon and the very tasty broth! There was a very mild tinge of spiciness, which i later realised that they added special Sarawak white pepper into this dish to balanced and brings out the sweetness of the crab! 

Clay pot Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil ($15/$22/$28)

This is nothing like the confinement sesame chicken dish at all but it is very very tasty too! The tender chicken pieces were cooked in this generous amount of broth, that is very fragrant and appetising! I am not a meat eater but i took quite a few pieces of the chicken and two small bowlful of its broth! I wanna go Gu Ma Jia again!

Assam Fish Head $28

I understand that this dish is a hot favourite and a must-try for every customer. The fish is tender and juicy, complemented by Gu Ma Jia’s exclusive spicy and sour Assam blend gravy. I was quite a spicy eater, but this is a bit too spicy for me. I can't point it out why, I couldn't really take the spiciness of this dish but I love the sambal squid (see below), yet another spicy eater friend at the same table said he loves the assam fish head and found the sambal squid too spicy! So I guess it's really depend on individual. While it's a little too spicy for me, it is still very "shiok" (exciting) eating this dish!

Crispy Bean-Jal ($12/$18)

Can you guess what the fried brown pieces are? At first i thought is meat but, this is perfect combination of crispy fried brinjal and French beans! The brinjal is lightly tossed in sweet marmite sauce and then fried with French beans to create this delightful vegetable dish!

Yuan Yang Kai Lan ($10/$15/$20)

This dish features Kai Lan vegetables cooked in two styles, blanched and fried. Crispy Kai Lan leaves are deep- fried to perfection, coupled with thick and crunchy Kai Lan stems. The fried crispy tasty leaves are a huge hit, especially with kids and tasted like seasoned seaweeds! 

Other dishes we tried include:

Sambal Squid, (S$16 / S$24 / S$30)

I extremely love this! The squid is cooked just nice, springy and yet easy to bite and swallow. The sambal is... my favorite! I took quite a lot but hubby and another friend said they find it too spicy. Tsk tsk! They don't know how to enjoy food! 

Yam Ring

oyster omelette!

Kyoto Pork Ribs (S$20)

We washed down all the food we ate with Gu Ma Jia specially created fruits enzyme drinks and dessert! 

Fruits enzyme making in process

Fruity Jelly Enzyme with longans and wolfberries. Price: $5.80

A group photo : Irene, me, Connie, 姑妈, Serene and Waiwai

The lady boss of Gu Ma Jia and me :) 

More information

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) is a casual Chinese restaurant where the owner is affectionately known as Gu Ma (‘aunt’ in Chinese), as she is the eldest among six siblings with numerous nephews and nieces. She is known to be a great cook who loves sharing delicious food with her family and friends. Gu Ma set up this restaurant in order to share delicious home-cooked food with her customers, sharing joy and family bonds over eating meals together.

With its friendly service staff and excellent cuisine, Gu Ma Jia is definitely a great venue and restaurant for family, business associates as well as celebrations such as birthdays, team-building events, and networking. Its second floor is now equipped with projector which is ideal for family celebrations or companies networking or team-building events. 

The seating capacity at Gu Ma Jia is 55 pax for first level and 70 pax on the second level. 

Gu Ma Jia also provides buffet catering services with a good selection of delectable dishes at affordable prices. 

And, their bill do not include GST and service charge!

For more information, you can go to http://www.gumajia.com.sg/ or find them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sg.gumajia

Address: 45 Tai Thong Crescent Sennett Estate Singapore 347866
Contact Number: 6285 2023

Getting There:
  • Nearest MRT is Potong Pasir 
  • Nearest Buses - 8, 61, 64, 65, 66, 90, 125, 151, 154
  • If you are driving, do be warned that parking can be really difficult to find. You may have to park pretty far away at the coupon parking lots located outside the private house. Also, don't be blur like I did. Parking is free after 5pm, so you don't have to tear parking coupon! 
Disclaimer: We were invited by AT Marketing Consultancy for food tasting at Gu Ma Jia. No other form of compensation were involved. All experiences and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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